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Sunday, 29 July 2012

No training early this week

Due to availability of coaches we will not have training Mon/Tues/Wed or Thurs this week.

Sunday, 22 July 2012

Summer Training

We will try and get the boys together over the summer, with an emphasis on skills, fitness and team building. The first session is tomorrow (Monday) at 10:00 at Underhill Park. It will be sensible to bring trainers as well as togs. The ground might still be a bit soft after all the recent weather, but it could also dry up quite quickly and trainers would be much better under those conditions.

Don't worry if you can't make it and have other plans. It is the summer holidays after all. We will try and keep training to mornings, so the rest of the day is free.

Many thanks for all the support last week. Great to see the Wildcats in the garden!

Thursday, 12 July 2012

Gardens Open

Sorry for hijacking this, and teamer, but as we are out of season I haven't had a chance to advertise this to everyone.....

Dear rugby friends,

This Sunday (15th July) our garden is open for the second year as part of the National Garden Scheme. This is a large charity (one of the biggest donors to Macmillan Cancer Support), and has quite a strict inspection process before it accepts a garden into the 'Yellow Book'. So it's been a lot of work, and is quite a big deal for us (or rather for Ceri who does almost all of it). It is not a big garden - but has a huge collection of perennial species. If anyone is around this Sunday to support, we are open between 2 and 6. Tea and homemade cakes for sale. All proceeds to NGS charities. £3 on the door (children free) which includes entry to another nearby garden. Address 5 Moorside Road SA3 5EY (just off West Cross Lane, there will be signs up). Last year we made > £1000 but with the weather not looking great we would be grateful of any support this time.

If you know any friends or family keen on gardens then please spread the word.

NGS link: HERE

Directions: HERE

We are open between 2 and 6. People are welcome at any time, but the first hour or so is usually by far the busiest. 

Cheers - Mike

While we are here...plans for rugby over the summer are to start training as soon as school finishes. We will not have a fixed day, or venue, but will try and fit in sessions around the weather and other events. Aim is to keep the boys active, play touch rugby, and work on ball skills, before back into proper training at the end of August. Keep an eye on teamer.