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Sunday, 27 November 2011

Parents Night Out

Great session at the Park today, we felt the boys concentrated and worked really hard.

An opportunity has come up for a parents get together before xmas. We are joining with the 12s (Crusaders) for an evening of Chilli, Chips and live music at Lazy Jacques on December 10th. The cost is £10 each, which includes some fundraising, all of which we will put towards the Wildcats end of season events. We know how busy weekends get before xmas so we won't all be available but it would be great to have a few drinks together before the mid season break. Hope to see you there if you can make it.

I have sent around a teamer invite. Please let me know if you are coming (by teamer) and how many tickets you want (by text to Mike 07846 334962). Please let me know by mid week if you can.

Saturday 10th December 7:30pm for 8pm
Lazy Jacques - Brynymor road
£10 per head - Live music, chilli and chips (or vegetarian)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Nov 27th

Don't forget we move back to Astroturf this Friday and a 4:00 start.

This weekend we will have a full squad training match at Bishopston. We have several things to work on, especially positioning, and a more aggressive defence. The Swans play later, so we will go for an early start. Meet Bish at 10:00.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Training at the Gym and Waun

Remember we are alternating the Gym and Astroturf - and that they are at slightly different times. So this Friday we back are at Bishopston Sports Hall for training at 4:30 to 5:30. Please be there on time.

On Sunday we have a match at Waunarlwydd. I spoke to Ian and Terry yesterday and they have quite a few players and are more than happy to play 2 matches. We will still split into 2 teams, to avoid hanging around.

It is only 10 mins up to Waun on a Sunday morning. The club is at SA5 4ST HERE.

Team to meet at 10:00.
Forwards: TTS, Owen, Tom R, Josh, Cam, Ki
Half Backs: Arthur, Duncan
Backs: Ike, Ethan, Dylan, Lloyd

Team to meet at 10:40.
Forwards: Jack, Myles, Harry, Tom H, Jacob, Connor
Half Backs: Fin, Luca
Backs: Sam, Neil, Luke, Danny

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Change of plan - YSTRAD OFF

Minutes of parents meeting below....

Change of plan for Sunday. Illness, cubs, and parties have taken their toll and we cannot split the squad. So we can't send a team to Ystradgynlais. We hope to go there in a couple of weeks, but for this week it is Loughor only - with the remnants of the squad.

All those available meet at Loughor RFC 10:30.

Team for Loughor
Meet at 10:30
Loughor RFC directions HERE.

For those that could not make it. Here's a summary of the team meeting...
1. Matt will be back coaching after his knee operation.
2. Please check the blog and always reply to teamer, so we can manage the split squad. [The possibility of using teamer for all information was raised].
3. Please use the AMAZON LINK for you christmas shopping.
4. After the winter, training will move back to Wednesdays, but long term move to Fridays was discussed as it tends to be the only day without after school clubs when the boys go to comp. (note that we would not train as early as 4:00 - that is only for astroturf).
5. If only one game is organised (and if the opposition are not keen on 2 matches) there is a preference for taking half the squad and giving the others the Sunday off (to reduce substitutions).
6. Parents must support the referee. And keep away from the playing area at all times.
7. We would like any ideas asap for the end of season tour / event. If accomodation costs can be reasonable we will look to stay somewhere overnight. If not, another day event like the Cowbridge trip.
8. tournaments are fun, as long as the squad size is small. We will look to go to two different tournaments (splitting the squad) or to take two teams to Lucton if possible.
9. Junior Membership is due. Herjeet will be collecting £10 per player. This is a new requirement from the club. And will go to general club maintenance and to provide the after match food for the juniors on a Sunday.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Neath Report and Friday

Thanks first to Lee for fitting us in today at Neath and for fielding 2 teams. The boys encountered a very strong side and must be given huge credit for the way the boys stuck at it and never let their heads drop. We were especially pleased in both games to see Mumbles improve, and adapt, as the games went on. There's plenty to work on in training, but we look forward to the rematch at Bish later in the season.

Training will be at Ashleigh Road this week at 4 - 5:00. Since we have been running 2 teams on a sunday as much as possible, we have been unable to get the parents together to get feedback and pass on information. So we will try and have a quick parents meeting towards the end of training on Friday (at about 4:50). Agenda:
Use of teamer and the blog
Winter training
Future training days
Match day organisation (subs or rest day if we can't do 2 teams)
Code of conduct
End of season tour
Junior player membership (£10 due - someone to collect)
Catering on a Sunday (at the club or at Bishopston)
Any questions

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Neath Match for full squad

Don't forget training at Bishopston on Friday 4:30....

This weekend we have 2 matches against Neath Athletic. They play at Cwrt Herbert Playing Fields, next to Dwr Y Felin School on Neath Abbey Road.

We have split into 2 teams, to avoid hanging around.

First match Meet at 9:45.
Forwards: Jack, Owen, Harry, Josh, Kieran, Tom R.
Backs: Cam, Luca, Ethan, Ike, Lloyd, Dylan

Second Match Meet at 10:15
Forwards: Connor, Myles, Jacob, Tom H, TTS, Danny
Backs: Arthur, Duncan, Sam, Luke, Neil, Fin

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Winter Training

After last year's wash out, we have organised a new schedule for winter training. We will be alternating sessions at the astroturf and bishopston gym. We hope this will be a good change of scene to keep the season fresh and will give us time to concentrate on skills, fitness and fun sessions, rather than a mudbath by the swings in the dim light at Underhill.

Unfortunately we could not book anything on our usual Wednesday slot, and all sessions will be on Fridays. Please get in touch with Mike if there are problems with lifts. The sessions will run from Nov 4th to Jan 20th.

This Friday we are at Bishopston Gym. 4:30 - 5:30. Remember that unlike the park there will be bookings after our session so please be there on time to make the most of the hour. Next week we go to astroturf, on Friday 4 - 5.

This Sunday there are 2 matches confirmed at Neath.