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Sunday, 6 November 2011

Neath Report and Friday

Thanks first to Lee for fitting us in today at Neath and for fielding 2 teams. The boys encountered a very strong side and must be given huge credit for the way the boys stuck at it and never let their heads drop. We were especially pleased in both games to see Mumbles improve, and adapt, as the games went on. There's plenty to work on in training, but we look forward to the rematch at Bish later in the season.

Training will be at Ashleigh Road this week at 4 - 5:00. Since we have been running 2 teams on a sunday as much as possible, we have been unable to get the parents together to get feedback and pass on information. So we will try and have a quick parents meeting towards the end of training on Friday (at about 4:50). Agenda:
Use of teamer and the blog
Winter training
Future training days
Match day organisation (subs or rest day if we can't do 2 teams)
Code of conduct
End of season tour
Junior player membership (£10 due - someone to collect)
Catering on a Sunday (at the club or at Bishopston)
Any questions