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Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday Report

After all the rain it was great to make the trip to Gorseinon to find a pitch in perfect condition and two sides waiting to play the Wildcats. Given that Underhill Park is currently suitable only for competitive bog snorkelling this was a bonus. First up were the home side and in a very open game there were plenty of tries on offer for everyone in the team. There was some very unselfish play from the boys, with players looking for the pass and creating space for others to score. The second game was a very hard fought match against Waunarlwydd. Tries were hard to come by on both sides with defences being very strong, leading to lots of turnovers and a very tense match. The result hung in the balance for what seemed like an age, with the Wildcats defending a 1 try advantage, after tries from Luca, Ethan and Owen, until with the last play of the game Sam sneaked in at the corner.

All in all a great morning's rugby, played and reffed in the right spirit. Thanks to Matthew and his side for setting up the 3-way, despite being short of a few of their regular lads. We are lucky to have two keen local teams in Gorseinon and Waun with whom we look forward to renewing our rivalry next season.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Gorseinon Match - ON

This Sunday a match for the whole squad at Gorseinon. Waun will also be there so another plenty of rugby again. We have had a pitch update from our host and it is currently fine, so the matches should go ahead without problem tomorrow.

Directions: Lots of ways of getting to Gorseinon. The rugby ground is very central. Take the route either through Gowerton, or through forestfach, the turn of the A484 at the 'Wave' and 'Swansea Sound' roundabout. Go along Victoria Road then West Street into the centre of Gorseinon. Just before the cross roads at the centre of Gorseinon take a right turn off West Street into a side road. This takes you round to the right to the sports ground. Take care with a bit of a one way system.

Meet 10:00.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

End of Season Plans

Amidst the rain we have some good news. It may be a few months away but here is a date for your diaries...Sunday 1st May
The Wildcats end of season event will be a 'mini tour' to the Vale of Glamorgan. We will take a coach in the morning to Cowbridge, where we will play a couple of matches against the local Cowbridge under 9s. After lunch we will take the lads to the nearby Task Force outdoor LaserTag where they can spend the afternoon shooting each other (or the coaches). An ideal way to end the season I am sure you will agree.

I will send a teamer out soon, so everyone has plenty of warning. I will need to know final numbers pretty soon, so we can organise transport etc. This is an approximate schedule for the day:

Meet coach at Mumbles Rugby Club 10:00 Sunday 1st May
Arrive Cowbridge and warm up. Play between 11:30 - 12:30
Hot Dogs back at the Cowbridge Clubhouse
14:00 leave Cowbridge on Coach to Task Force
14:30 Arrive Task Force for instructions. LaserTag between 15:00-17:00.
Depart TaskForce 17:00. Arrive back in Mumbles 18:00.

We expect the cost for the day will be about £20 per player (subsidised) including transport. I hope everyone can make it. The Laser Tag is a fantastic outdoor activity for the lads who aren't quite old enough for paintball. Details can be found here.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Training OFF

No chance at Underhill today. All training is called off due to waterlogged pitch.

We might try and squeeze another session in to run off some half term energy if the weather improves later in the week.

Plan for the weekend - everyone at Gorseinon.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Swansea Uplands - Match Reports

We are lucky that we have such a strong club in Swansea Uplands who have similar numbers to us. This enables us to stage two matches against them, with all players getting a full match which undoubtedly helps develop match confidence and gives experience.

The sides were split as follows;

Arthur, Tom H, Kieran, Jack, Harry, Josh B, Myles, and Luke
Dylan, Luca, Ethan, Fin, Sam, Duncan, Cam and Josh R

I was lucky enough to watch both games. Both were equally dogged affairs, with players on both teams showing moments of great skill and flair. As we can always expect from Uplands, they play a fine game. Their passing skills and off loading are very impressive and we should learn from them.

However due to sheer determination and passion I am proud to say we came out victorious in both matches. Both sets of players played out of their skins and gave everything. We should be proud of the performances.

Try scorers today were Arthur, Harry (2), Myles and Luke (2); they won 6-4
Dylan (3), Luca, Ethan, Sam, Duncan and Josh R; they won 8-6

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Sunday Match

Easy plans for this weekend. Everyone at home at Bishopston for the Swansea Uplands visit. The Ups can always be relied upon to bring plenty of players so loads of rugby for all.

Meet at 10:00 for a 10:30 KO. The Pirates will be playing after us, so we need a prompt start. Hotdogs back at the clubhouse afterwards.

Fingers crossed for good weather.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

All Games at Bishopston OFF

Such a shame with one of our favourite fixtures of the year. Hope to re-arrange with Gowerton another time.

Training Wednesday - weather permitting. 4:30 Underhill as usual.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Home match for all this Sunday

This Sunday we are playing Gowerton at home. They have large numbers so we hope to play two games simultaneously to maximise game time. The teamer invites have gone out, so please let us know so we know the numbers to expect. It will be a busy morning at Bishopston so we'll plan to go back to the clubhouse for hotdogs afterwards as well.

We are sharing a pitch with the under 10s, so we need to finish in good time for them to get their matches underway. We will be playing on the larger pitch next to the tennis courts (rather than the usual junior pitch).

Meet Bishopston at 10:00 for a 10:30 prompt Kick Off.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday Report

A great effort this weekend for the Wildcats to field two sides, even with a couple of people away and a couple of injuries. The reward was no subs and a full game all round. With such a big squad we are used to rotating so many players on and off that the boys never know when they are coming or going. Today they could get focused on the game and all got hands on the ball and really involved.

At Bish, we welcomed Waunarlwydd for the first time at our age group. Terry turned up with a great bunch of lads and it is good for local rugby to have another strong team on the scene. Today the boys were on top form, extremely strong in the tackle and clinical with the finish. I couldn't fault the performance, or single anyone out as they all put in such an effort from beginning to end. Ethan, Josh, Josh, Ike, Arthur, Luca, Dylan, Lloyd, well done all. The score line did not reflect the competitive nature of the game, played in good spirits throughout despite a couple of knocks on both side. We hope to fit in another game with Waun later in the season.

At Morriston, Ian took the field with Myles, Kieran, Sam, Duncan, Fin, Tom R, Owen, Jack, Harry and Tom H. We had a new, and very experienced, set of eyes cast upon the team this morning, as Dan from the 11s had to step in and referee. The boys should be very pleased with their performance, as I heard nothing but praise from Dan afterwards. He was most impressed with the amount of passing from such a young team, and (which is surely rare) enjoyed his time reffing a game that was a great advert for Sunday morning rugby, and the new pathway rules for the minis.

Two games, and two hard fought wins is just what we hoped for. Well done to whole squad.

Training Wednesday 4:30 as usual.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sunday Squads

OK. Weather hitting us again but two matches organised for this Sunday. We need a good turn out for this to work so please try and make it if you can.

Vs. Waunarlwydd at Bishopston meet 10:00
Tom R
Josh R

Vs. Morriston Away Meet there at 10:30
The clubhouse (SA6 6JS) is just off Chemical Road, on Heol Gwernen. The playing fields are on the right just before clubhouse. Map here:
Josh B
Tom H