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Sunday, 21 December 2008

Wildcats Dominate Xmas Parents Match

A brace of tries from the Prices, with an impressive dive from Jon and a run in from the half way line from Tracey, was not enough to save the Parents from a devastating 7.5 - 2 defeat to the under 7s. The Wildcats dominated possession and took advantage of their greater speed off the mark to pressurise the Parents into mistakes. It was a fine effort though and plans for a training session needed before next year's match were overheard. Photos to follow.

Thanks to everyone for making the occasion. There is clearly so much support for the things we are trying to do: encouraging the enjoyment of outdoor sports, team spirit, learning, mixing with the other age-groups and bringing together players from different schools. So thanks for all coming back to the club afterwards as well, even if everything did not go exactly to plan. The team look very smart in their new beanies - and anyone who didn't get one this afternoon can pick them up from me in the new year.

Happy Christmas all, and see you back on Sunday 4th.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Xmas Gower Rugby Report

Thanks to our generous Fall Bay hosts (and excellent ref!) and with help from the South Gower coaches, the Wildcats were able to play 2 long matches this morning, meaning that everyone had loads of quality game time. This made all the difference as the boys could settle in to the match situation properly - either that or they have been listening in training! Whatever it was, right from the start there was another improved performance. Just look at that defensive line....

All the boys deserve a mention in dispatches. Ed for no nonsense straight running, Duncan, Dylan, Matz and Cam for getting stuck right in, shaking off nasty knocks and bleeding for the cause, the defensive line marshalled by Jamie and Sam and constant support play of Ike and Tom R. Tom Charles captained the side and takes champagne moment for finishing off a flowing move in the corner and Arthur takes player of the week for all round contribution including lots of tries. For the record, with the Mumbles Pirates (under 8s) absent this weekend the boys took on a mixed South Gower side (8s and 7s), and, by the end, the Fall Bay under 8s side. The boys have started playing as a team and making more decisions on the pitch. All the parents should be proud of the boys' achievements this term.

Next Sunday - Training. Venue and time to be confirmed.
Sunday 21st - Fun morning - Time and venue to be confirmed

Matz and Dunc show off their wounds

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Weekend Plans: Fall Bay Away. Last Match of 2008!

Sunday: Change of plan. We are now going to an away fixture at Fall Bay. The Fall Bay rugby club is in Scurlage and quite easy to find. Take the South Gower road all the way to Scurlage, continue through the village on the road to Port Eynon and the Fall Bay RFC clubhouse and pitches are on the right hand side. It takes about 25 minutes from Mumbles. Meet there at 11:00. Enjoy the lie in for a change.

Please remember that Fall Bay Rugby Club is in the Arctic regions of Gower. Wrap the boys up and bring gloves - even if they are not playing in them - to keep them warm if we have to wait. This will be the last match of 2008, but we will try and get a couple of training sessions in up untill christmas.

Friday Night: Don't forget the Minis Section Xmas Do at Mumbles Rugby Club. From 8 till late. Quiz starts at 8:30 followed by Disco. Only £3 a ticket with all proceeds going to the teams. You can pay on the door or get a ticket from Mike (7s) or Donna (9s). Come along and support the club. All parents / grandparents / friends are welcome.

Sunday, 30 November 2008

Pencoed Match Report

The boys really stepped up this morning to play Pencoed, always an outstanding Junior Club side. Led from the front by Captain of the day Cameron, the Wildcats took an early lead but finally went down fighting 7-8. Everyone got involved in the best performance of the season so far. This week we are introducing player of the week awards. This is not just for scoring tries, but for tagging, fair play, enthusiasm, staying in line, positioning and listening to the coaches. The inaugural awards go to Luca for an overall tagging and running performance, and to Dylan for the champagne moment of the match: a diving try saving tag in the corner. Also mentioned in dispatches are Cathy and Jill for organising the hotdogs at the cricket club. Special thanks to Chris from Pencoed for making the journey and instilling an excellent spirit in their team (and the ability to bounce back from a few knocks!) Unfortunately we don't have a return match organised for this season, but it is certainly a fixture we look forward to arranging again in the future.

Dates for the diary:
Wednesday 3rd Dec: Astroturf at Ashleigh Road, 4:30-5:30 (last one of the year).
Friday 5th Dec: Parents party for junior section at Rugby Club, 8-late. £3 tickets available on Wednesday or on the door.
Next Sunday: Change of plan: Morriston have double booked, so the home match is postponed. Fall Bay have kindly stepped in we will play them at their ground in Scurlage. Meet there at 11:00. Details above.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Weekend Details

Match against the mighty Pencoed on Sunday. It's at Bishopston. Meet 9:45 for training before the kick off.

After the match: everyone is invited to the Cricket Club for hotdogs and drinks. Open from 11:30.

Don't forget the Night out for all parents at the Club next Friday £3 each. You can get tickets on Sunday or on the night. Bring some friends. Come along and support the club.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

O death where is thy sting?

The Wildcats went down fighting to a strong South Gower side this morning at the windswept Bishopston local derby. Some early tries from Ike, Duncan and Lloyd put Mumbles on even terms at the break, but we were always hanging on and the mazy running of several SG players took them clear in the second half despite several further tries and some fine inter-passing from Tom Charles and Myles. The Wildcats need to work on keeping a defensive line and moving up together to challenge the opposition ball carrier. But we cannot manufacture a Calzaghe-esque unbeaten record for long, and the boys have to learn. The referee turned many a blind eye in an attempt to make the game flow and for both teams to learn. He is most appreciative of Mumbles parents support in face of confusing decisions. At all times decorum was perfectly preserved. Happily, the boys took it all on the chin. The morning is best summed up by one of the players who told me "There was bad news and good news. The bad news is we lost. the good news is it was lots of fun".

No training on Wednesday. See you all at Bishopston next Sunday, 9:45.

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Sunday Instructions

Back to our adopted home ground at Bishopston for a match against South Gower. Meet at 9:45 for a 10:30 kick off.

After the game we are all invited back to the CRICKET club, which will be open from 11:30. Hotdogs, tea and coffee and lots of space to run around. It was a great success last week, so come along and help support both the rugby and cricket club.

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Lost Boots Message

The odd boots mystery is solved. Ike has one set and Luca the other. If you could both bring them to training tonight we can swap them over. See you all at 4:30 at Ashleigh Road Astroturf.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

The survivors of the epic battle with Dunvant. This week the tries were all hard won. Dunvant's tagging skills forced many more passes than usual. This is something we'll have to get used to and the boys have to learn to be there in support of the tagged player. Matz, Cam and Tom R were outstanding in this role. Mumbles edged ahead due to great scavenging. Whenever the ball was dropped a Wildcat was the first there and wouldn't let it go. Myles, Ike and Owen all took key turnovers and this allowed the long legs of Luca and Duncan to add decisive tries. Everyone contributed to the best performance of the year by a long way. A special thanks to the Dunvant coaches and players who brought an outstanding spirit to the game. The return fixture is one we look forward to honouring in the new year.

Coaches tip of the day: No handoffs. Keep up the excellent scavenging of the loose ball.

See you Wednesday, 4:30, at the Astroturf at Ashleigh Road.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Dunvant Match

Sunday 16th November. At our adopted Bishopston School Playing Fields. Meet promptly at 10 for training before the match at 10:30. After the rugby we are invited back to the MUMBLES CRICKET CLUB (on Plunch Lane, Limeslade) for hot dogs. Keep and eye out on the blog for any rain updates.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Astroturf tonight

4:30 - 5:30 at Ashleigh Road. Drive up the lane between the football and rugby pitches and park near the tennis club. Our pitch is the one nearest the buildings. Wrap up, it'll be cold later.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

Cowbridge Report

Top marks to all the lads for turning out this morning in some brutal conditions, and especially for showing patience while waiting to play. A great effort too from Cowbridge to come down with an U7s side. When we did get underway Cowbridge made sure the boys had a run around, and after Mumbles surrendered the early advantage to go 2 down, they eventually clawed themselves back for a draw. 9-9 I think. A special mention for Cam who took a nasty knock, but shook it off and came back to claim some, er, enthusiastic tags. At the end most of them looked like they'd played a game of contact rugby rather than tag. Something the mums don't have to worry about for 18 months.

Several announcements this week:

1. The first astroturf session is this Wednesday 12th Nov at Ashleigh Road at 4:30 - 5:30. Drive up the small lane between the main playing fields, and park at the top, right next to the astroturf pitch that is closest to the buildings. We are sharing half a pitch with the 9s. No togs - just trainers, and make sure everyone (parents and players) are wrapped up.

2. Going back to the Club House after a game. It was great to see quite a few of the team make it back to the club for hotdogs, and for lots of the Cowbridge u7s to come as well. Please remember that you all have Family Membership of the club and are welcome at any time, especially after matches. As a team, the under 7s do not go back to the club every week, but we will aim, like today, to target certain home matches when we can arrange some snacks and try and all go back together. We will advertise these in advance so you can make arrangements.

3. Next Sunday - a home match vs Dunvant. The venue is now confirmed for Bishopston, but we are still waiting to see if Dunvant have a 7s. It doesn't make much difference to arrangements though -meet at 10:00 for some training then we will play Dunvant at 10:45 if they have a team.

4. Gloves. Thinking about the cold weather, some players find that rugby mitts help a bit. They are by no means essential, and are quite expensive. If you are thinking about getting some, by far the best value I have seen can be found by clicking here.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Cowbridge Challenge

This Sunday we are back at Bishopston School Playing Fields (hurray!) for a match with Cowbridge, who will have travelled from the darkest depths of the Vale of Glamorgan. We will of course endeavour to make them feel welcome. If the team could meet at Bishopston at 10:00 (so much for the lie in), we can have a short practice and aim for a kick off at about 10:45.

Apres rugby, everyone is invited to venture back across the common to the clubhouse for nutritious hot dogs, where the finer points of the matches will be dissected over several pints of Mumbles' finest.

Rain information: The pitches have been in good condition this week and the match is very unlikely to be called off because of them. So it looks like it will all be on. But we know that thundery showers are forecast so please make sure you have some clothing to keep the boys dry before the match and something dry to change into afterwards. It is also important to change before going into the clubhouse so the boys aren't wearing muddy kit or shoes.

Monday, 3 November 2008

Coming Soon...

Next Sunday: The Cowbridge Challenge. We welcome a touring side of under 7s, 8s and 9s from Cowbridge. Venue and time to be confirmed (hint: you might get a bit of a lie in for a change).

Wednesday 12th Nov (NOT THIS WEEK!) Our first Astroturf session. We don't usually bother with midweek training for the 7s (unlike most clubs) but because the winter is often a wash-out down the park, we have booked 10 sessions at Ashleigh Road, sharing a pitch with the under 9s. They are all on Wednesdays at 4:30-5:30. They are not all on consecutive weeks, so check here for details. Please don't worry at all if you can't make it. They are not compulsory! We know that the time won't suit everyone but it is the only available spot. So come if you want to, there are plenty of lifts on offer if needed, and WRAP UP WARM IT WILL BE COLD.

There was a great turn out again this Sunday at Bishopston. We are hoping that this will become a regular venue as there is alot more space and plenty of parking. Thanks to Matt and Ian for taking on the session. It makes a real difference to be working with small groups.

Wednesday, 29 October 2008

'Home Match' - at Bishopston

This Sunday we have a match against Gowerton under 7s. However, due to a very busy day at Underhill, the 7s,8s,9s,10s,11s will all play their matches at Bishopston School playing fields. We haven't trained for a while, so we will meet up there at about 9:30 for a practice, followed by a kick off between 10 and 10:30. To get to the school, head over the common towards Bishopston, passed the garage on the right, and just before you get to the hill that takes you down to Bishopston valley, there is a road on the left called The Glebe. Go down the Glebe and the road will take you straight to the school, and the playing fields in front of you.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Training called off

Having spoken to Mike and Ian, we have decided to call off the training session this morning due to the rainy conditions.

Hopefully, there will be a game next week against Gowerton. More info. to be posted later this week.

Rainy Weather

We will make a decision at 8.30 this morning to see whether it will be worthwhile going down to the park for a training session. Watch this space.......

Friday, 24 October 2008

Sunday Training

Remember the clocks go back on Sunday. So take advantage of that rare 1 hour extra in bed on a Sunday morning and don't expect Matthew and Ian to be there if you turn up at 8:30!

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Sunday 26th October - training down the park

Coaching News: Ian "the axeman" Bevan joins the team this week. Fireman and Mumbles Rugby Veteran Ian will be helping Matthew with training down the park at 9:30 on Sunday morning. There is no match, because Penclawdd do not have a 7s side. But since some of our players have only ever played matches so far, it's a good time for some practice ahead of a likely fixture against Gowerton the week after.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Skewen Report

We had a great welcome at Skewen, and a full squad of keen players turned up. On the small pitch, there were plenty of tries for both teams. I think in the end we came out on top by about 15 to 9. It's not easy for the ref to remember all that happened (any of the parents are welcome to submit a match report!) It was good to some some first Mumbles tries from several players (Arthur, Arjan, Tom C, Luca, Matz) some great tags from Georgia, Jamie and Connor. We played especially well when the ball went loose on the ground, with Luca, Owen and Cam doing some scavenging to force the turnover. More tries followed from Tom R, Sam, Lloyd, Cam, Miles, Ike, Dylan, Duncan. Skewen had some very strong runners. Well done Myles for taking on their strongest one-on-one, shaking off the knock he received, and getting back up to claim the tag the next time he tried it!

Next week is a scheduled match with Penclawdd. However they are yet to confirm they have a 7s. Keep checking for updates. After getting some feedback, we will continue with keeping the full squad together for the matches. If we get any bigger, we'll have a rethink. If anyone has some good photos send them to me in an e-mail (address in the welcome pack). Also if anyone has taken any video - let me know.

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Coaching News

In a scoop reminiscent of Shaun Edwards being lured from England and Graham Henry from New Zealand, the Wildcats have secured the services of Matthew Rees to join the coaching set up. Matthew has been poached from the U6 beach rugby, which is about to start up again on Saturdays. Matthew teaches, is a level one coach, and is very welcome now that the team is taking off.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Next Sunday (19th Oct) On the Road Again

We have been invited to Skewen for a match next Sunday. They have a thriving junior section so it should be a great morning out.

It is a bit of a trek, but if we could aim to get there for about 10:00 they have promised an early kick off (10:30) so we'll be back in good time. The Mumbles 7s, 8, 9, 10, and 11s are going, so there should be plenty of opportunity for car share and lifts.

It takes about 25 minutes to get there from Mumbles. Directions to Skewen rugby club can be found by clicking here. The ground is at Tennant Park (SA10 6HU) on the way to Neath. I think the best way to is all the way along Oystermouth Road and cross the river turning up towards Llansamlet (A217). Carry on to Llansamlet and turn right onto the A48 (towards the M4). When you get to the roundabout for the M4, take the exit to Skewen (4th exit A4230), after about a mile, take a right turn into Christopher Road, take the second right into Coombes road and then straightish on towards Charles Street. The club and playing fields will be in front of you. The club website is here.

I now have Arjan and Dylan's contact details thanks

Saturday, 11 October 2008

South Gower Match Report

I hope you all enjoyed the Welcome at our first away match at South Gower. Birthday boy Tom Rees captained the side and there were excellent tries from Lloyd and Duncan and a couple of others I can't remember! As the game progressed our tagging started to take control and we forced a few turnovers, including a great one near the end from Jamie. Move of the match came from Dylan who scored from the half way line the first time he ever touched the ball in a rugby match. After that is was cakes thanks to Clare, and hotdogs thanks to South Gower. A team best wishes to Ike who took a knock in warm up - we need you back next week Ike.

Next week - might be another away game. I will confirm asap. Otherwise it is training down the park as usual.

Coaches comments of the day:
Line up in defense
Move up in a line quickly as soon as the other team passes the ball
Don't stop running unless you have definitely been tagged!

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

Subs and Registration Due

All Players - please make sure you have completed the standing order form for the team subs. If you haven't got a form, ask one of the coaches. You can take the form directly to your bank. Or bring it to Mike down the park. Better still, if you have internet banking you can set it up at home using our details from the form.

New Players - please make sure you have filled in the Registration form. Return it to your coach asap.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Next Match - On the Road to South Gower

Bonymaen don't have a 7s team so that match is cancelled, but we have had an invitation from South Gower, so (weather permitting) we are off to their ground for a match next Sunday.

We'll meet there at 10:00, for a 10:30 match. For a map of South Gower RFC Click Here. The ground is easy to find, just off Pyle Corner. Go passed the shops and down Pwll Du lane (not down to Hareslade). The ground is just down the Lane on the right. As usual parking is a mess. Try and park facing the exit! If it is already busy it may be worth parking at the top of the lane just after the shops and walking down. There is a nice clubhouse where the team will be invited for hotdogs after the match.

Keep an eye on the blog for updates.

Sunday, 5 October 2008

Match OFF!

Finally a decision.

Pitch is waterlogged and match and training are OFF.

Sorry for last minute information. PLans for next week will be posted later.

Rainy Sunday update

No news yet on cancellation. We will play in rain - but cancellations do occur because of the state of the pitches. So far I think it is on. There is, unfortunately, a chance that the park caretaker will call the matches off when we are down there though.

Sunday, 28 September 2008

Match Report

A first ever match for the Wildcats this morning. So Mumbles debuts for Tom C,Tom R, Lloyd, Miles, Arthur, Owen, Georgia, Sam, Ike, Duncan, Jamie, Connor, Cameron, Luca, Arjun and Matz. Ike led the team out to face Swansea Uplands. Always strong in the juniors they had a good team with a mix of new players and some with experience, so I was very pleased to see us trade try for try. I think that Sam, Lloyd, Cam, and Tom R crossed the line, thanks to good support play and tagging throughout the team. Uplands played in a great spirit and also made the effort to get down early for a prompt start. Well done everyone.

I am assuming the team wants some more of this? If so, then see you next week for more of the same. 9:30 at home against Fall Bay.

For the team to work on:

1. Looking for space on the big pitch
2. Running up quickly to tag not waiting for them to come to you
3. No diving for tries! They will be disallowed in the future.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Kit for Sunday

The Wildcats will shortly inherit the jerseys from last year's under 8s, and these will be given to each member of the team. For Sunday, I will try and get together enough jerseys for the day, but if I can't it will be helpful if you bring a dark jersey / top of some kind, ideally blue or black. Swansea Uplands play in white and green hoops, so it shouldn't be too difficult to contrast with them.

There is no need to rush for this weekend, but ultimately we will want the team to all play in plain navy shorts. There are a few varieties out there. Some of the discount sports shops are good and you can often pick up 'Kooga Murrayfield' shorts in navy small boys (size 22" will suit most of our team) on e-bay or other online store for about £8.

Socks are navy and sky blue hoops. I have a stock of these and you can buy them off me for £3 at the park.

Monday, 22 September 2008

First Match

This Sunday we'll welcome Swansea Uplands under 7s down the park for the Wildcats first ever match. The arrangents for us are as usual, meet at 9:30. Swansea Ups have agreed to come down nice and early to get things underway, but Match days are very busy at Underhill, especially if there is football, so some patience might be required!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Prompt Start on Sunday

Quite a few players / parents are doing the 10k this weekend, so please get down the park in good time. 9:15 for a prompt 9:30 start. We will aim to finish at about 10:15 so that people can get to the run for 11:00.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Session 2

Welcome to Molly, Ike, Connor and Luca. An enthusiastic start by all. And a welcome return for Tom R, and Owen.

Coaching point of the day: after tagging someone you MUST GET BACK ONSIDE and you cannot interfere with the tagged player when he tries to make a pass.

Same time next week for a match against the under 8s!

How to Pass

As demonstrated by Sam. Passing across the body and looking where he is passing. And Lloyd. Hands up ready to catch the ball and looking at the passer.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

First Day Back

A good turn out for today's first training session. Nice to see some new faces, Georgia and Matz, to add to the boys from the beach. Expect the team to expand nicely as the Schools get back over the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully everyone picked up a information leaflet. For this age group, we'll give them a little time to settle in, then sort out the registration and subs later this month. Any questions grab me before or after the session.

I hope the early Sunday morning start was OK for everyone. The reason for this is that the park gets very busy, especially with football, and this way we can all get a parking spot, a nice space for the training session, and not take up too much of the day. On training days we will aim to get down there 9:20 for a prompt 9:30 start. On match days it will be a little later (to avoid hanging round) and will depend on who we are playing. Check here for details.

Coaches comment for the day: No hiding the tags, and no diving!

Monday, 18 August 2008

New Season starts...

Sunday 7th September, Underhill Park, 9:30.

All the beach players from last season and all new players are welcome. Come and register on the 7th and 14th September.