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Sunday, 16 November 2008

The survivors of the epic battle with Dunvant. This week the tries were all hard won. Dunvant's tagging skills forced many more passes than usual. This is something we'll have to get used to and the boys have to learn to be there in support of the tagged player. Matz, Cam and Tom R were outstanding in this role. Mumbles edged ahead due to great scavenging. Whenever the ball was dropped a Wildcat was the first there and wouldn't let it go. Myles, Ike and Owen all took key turnovers and this allowed the long legs of Luca and Duncan to add decisive tries. Everyone contributed to the best performance of the year by a long way. A special thanks to the Dunvant coaches and players who brought an outstanding spirit to the game. The return fixture is one we look forward to honouring in the new year.

Coaches tip of the day: No handoffs. Keep up the excellent scavenging of the loose ball.

See you Wednesday, 4:30, at the Astroturf at Ashleigh Road.

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