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Sunday, 9 November 2008

Cowbridge Report

Top marks to all the lads for turning out this morning in some brutal conditions, and especially for showing patience while waiting to play. A great effort too from Cowbridge to come down with an U7s side. When we did get underway Cowbridge made sure the boys had a run around, and after Mumbles surrendered the early advantage to go 2 down, they eventually clawed themselves back for a draw. 9-9 I think. A special mention for Cam who took a nasty knock, but shook it off and came back to claim some, er, enthusiastic tags. At the end most of them looked like they'd played a game of contact rugby rather than tag. Something the mums don't have to worry about for 18 months.

Several announcements this week:

1. The first astroturf session is this Wednesday 12th Nov at Ashleigh Road at 4:30 - 5:30. Drive up the small lane between the main playing fields, and park at the top, right next to the astroturf pitch that is closest to the buildings. We are sharing half a pitch with the 9s. No togs - just trainers, and make sure everyone (parents and players) are wrapped up.

2. Going back to the Club House after a game. It was great to see quite a few of the team make it back to the club for hotdogs, and for lots of the Cowbridge u7s to come as well. Please remember that you all have Family Membership of the club and are welcome at any time, especially after matches. As a team, the under 7s do not go back to the club every week, but we will aim, like today, to target certain home matches when we can arrange some snacks and try and all go back together. We will advertise these in advance so you can make arrangements.

3. Next Sunday - a home match vs Dunvant. The venue is now confirmed for Bishopston, but we are still waiting to see if Dunvant have a 7s. It doesn't make much difference to arrangements though -meet at 10:00 for some training then we will play Dunvant at 10:45 if they have a team.

4. Gloves. Thinking about the cold weather, some players find that rugby mitts help a bit. They are by no means essential, and are quite expensive. If you are thinking about getting some, by far the best value I have seen can be found by clicking here.

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