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Friday, 30 October 2009

Wednesday Astroturf Training

Wednesday training now moves to astroturf (right on time I think!) Ashleigh Road. 4:30 - 5:30.

Remember it can get cold there when it gets dark so wrap up. Trainers are required, not togs.

If you haven't been before, drive up the middle of the Ashleigh road playing fields, towards the tennis club. Park in the big car park on the left and we are found in one of the top two astroturf pitches.

Sunday, 25 October 2009

Penlan Report

Not sure how well it worked this morning splitting the squad. The monsoon arriving towards the end of the match didn't help. But we'll give it a go again next week to continue trial. Special thanks to the boys (and parents) who came to the early training session, and showed a lot of patience during the match. Their 2 pass game of touch rugby was superb and they will be rewarded with a full match next Sunday.

The match squad faced up to a much improved Penlan team. Tagging wasn't quite up to standard - the boys need to remember to push up in a line and not drop back to defend. Attacking skills were much better. Jamie has turned into a try machine. Arthur danced through the defense for a trademark score and Luke showed his pace out on the wing. There was good support play and quick passing throughout the side, with Duncan finishing it all off at the end in the corner. After this very enjoyable fixture I have left it up to Dylan and his feisty cousin to fight it out over the score.

The cricket club has proved excellent for an after match get together. Thanks to all the parents and children for organising the hotdogs. If you know any of the opposition parents, it would be helpful to try and convince them to come as well - or help point people in the right direction.

Monday, 19 October 2009

Sunday Plans

We are back in action on Sunday with a home match against Penlan (at Bishopston) followed by hotdogs again at the cricket club.

For the next 2 Sundays we have home matches against teams with quite small squads. So instead of splitting the squad into half for each of them we will pick two teams, each of which will play one whole match. We hope this will give the players more of a feel for a full match and for the boys to work on continuity in their play. The non-playing half of the squad will meet a little earlier on each Sunday for a concentrated training session, after which they can cheer on the team and then all head off for hotdogs together.

Teams are as follows. (The management reserve the right to make wild changes at a moments notice).

Training with Mike and Ian. Meet at Bishopston at 10. Training 10 – 10:45. Then support the team by watching the match before heading off for hotdogs. This team will play the full match against Fall Bay next week.

Ethan, Luca, Cam, Lloyd, Sam

Duncan, Owen, Dylan, Josh

Team to play against Penlan. Meet Matthew for psyching up at Bishopston at 10:30.

Ike, Jacob, Luke, Arthur, Connor

Ed, Jamie, Tom R, Myles, Tom Ch

EDIT: A nice photo from the St Helens match has been posted on the Swansea RFC website. Click Here.

Saturday, 17 October 2009

SG-1 Report

This morning we welcomed local rivals South Gower for the first derby of the season. With SG missing quite a few players we split the team again and both sides put in outstanding defensive performances. The first half was a try fest and ended 7-3. We then set the second half team the target of stopping no more than 3 tries being scored, and they managed it with a tighter fought affair 5-3. The boys concentration in defence was superb as SG dominated possession and went through phase after phase. The turnovers were hard won and when they came the Wildcats were able to pounce quickly for the tries. Credit goes to the SG 8 for an excellent performance especially in the second half where they must have been tiring against the fresh Mumbles legs. They are sure to provide very difficult opposition when they have their full complement next time.

As we have been telling the boys all season, defences win matches. But todays highlights came from players of the week Josh and Jamie for their first Mumbles tries. Josh has been threatening the line for several Sundays and his support play was rewarded by a try in the top corner. Jamie's run-in from the half way line left the referee trailing, let alone the SG defence.

The never-ending rugby weekend continued with enthusiasm down the Cricket Club. Ethan appeared with a birthday cake which was rapidly devoured. Then the team got in some practice for tackling next year. I'm hoping that all the wildcats parents enjoyed a peaceful afternoon after the boys ran themselves into the ground. Thanks to Claire for organising the hotdogs. We need help with the rota, so if Claire hasn't collared you yet and you can help out please let her know.

Wednesday training to be confirmed...

St Helens Report

Almost all the squad have had some great half time rugby now, after the Wildcats took on Skewen at St Helens. The boys behaviour as they waited in the stands was excellent, and they were all ready and pumped up to run on the big pitch after seeing Swansea rack up a big lead in the first half. When the tag started there was a little more space than at the Liberty and most of the boys enjoyed a good run. Luke and Cam grabbed a brace of tries each and Tom Charles sneaked in at the corner after good work from Owen. After the photos, while Neath got back into the game, there was hotdogs and coke, and the Wildcats ran off to the cricket pitch to practice their tackling. A great afternoon in the sunshine for everyone. We thank Chris for bringing his Skewen team. Their players are a credit to their club, and we look forward to playing them again after Christmas.

Sunday, 11 October 2009

Saturday Rugby at St Helens

There was rugby before the Ospreys. And at St Helens Swansea have defeated the Australians, the South Africans and even the mighty All Blacks. Now it is the Wildcats turn to grace the famous pitch. This Saturday is the big match of the Swansea season. Swansea and Neath might have formed the Ospreys together, but when they meet in the premiership old habits die hard. At half time we will run on and play a quick game of tag against our friends at Skewen. The pitch is known for its playing service which is ideal for the Wildcats style of running rugby!

The line up for the half time match is Luke, Jacob, Duncan, Jamie, Cam, Tom Ch, Connor and Josh. If any of these boys can't make it please let me know asap. Park at the rec car park, and meet outside the Mumbles End entrance to the ground at 1:30. Each player gets 2 free tickets for their supporters.

All other members of the squad and parents are very welcome to come along and support the team. Adult tickets are about £5/£10 for terrace/stand and childrens tickets about half that.

Weekend rugby is then completed by the South Gower Match on Sunday. They have a big squad so everyone should get a full game. Meet at Bishopston at 10:00. Then hotdogs (honestly) at the MCC.

Dunvant Match Report

11 different Try Scorers and 17 tries says it all for the continued improvement in the squad. The Wildcats clearly have a cutting edge in attack. But we still want to improve our defence. We conceded 5 tries in the first half and 5 in the second. A good effort considering Dunvant had some very fine runners and also passed well to keep the ball alive. But I think Dunvant score 3 times on the last or penultimate tag so always room for improvement! The second half team need a big thumbs up for their spectacular finishing. There always seemed to be someone in support and it was great to see Jacob and Owen get on the scoresheet. Play of the day though goes to Eddie who scored his first competitive Mumbles try, weaving his way through the opposition from the half way line like Shane Williams.

Thanks to everyone for turning up in the rain. We are really lucky to have a large squad of such capable players. It bodes well for the future, when we will be playing 10, 12 then 15 a-side matches. For the moment we will keep the boys playing halves - but we will also start experimenting with keeping some players on for the full match to help with continuity. We'll keep everyone informed in advance, and keep an eye on the appearances so everyone in the squad has equal opportunities. We'll try more of this in the second half of the season.

Sunday Match Plans

The game is still on as far as I know. But let's all meet at Bishopston at 10:30, so we don't get too wet before the kick off.

Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Wednesday Off

We are taking a break this Wednesday. So NO TRAINING. Back in action on Sunday. Home match for everyone against Dunvant. Meet at BISHOPSTON at 10:00. Back to the Cricket Club for hot dogs afterwards.

Some photos from Sunday as promised. Turns out I don't have many good ones. If anyone has, e-mail them to me as they'll come in handy at the end of the season. Anyway, I think this one was taken just before Ike Crashed over for the first try. Lloyd got the second and Tom R finished it off in the corner.

Sunday, 4 October 2009

Weekend Reports

First up Penlan. 8 mad keen boys made the trip and benefited from a full game with no subs. Mynydd Newydd has never been less windy in October, so this was one to savour.  We set the boys a tagging target, and they responded with concentration and teamwork to shut down almost all the Penlan attacks. All the boys contributed and it was especially pleasing to see Josh take scrum half duties with confidence, Connor to take tag after tag and to pop up in attack, and Luke to show great pace and balance in only his second game - tries inevitably followed - even more if we remember no handoffs! Many thanks to Keith for the invitation. Penlan fielded some new players who got better and better as the game progressed. We look forward to more tough encounters with them later in the season.  

Liberty photos to follow. Again, before the match the coaches set tagging targets. With such a short game it was inevitable that some of the boys wouldn't see much of the ball, but they knew they could all have a big impact in defence. The game was over in a flash, the Mumbles line remained unbroken and, on a crowded pitch well done to the boys for squeezing over for three tries. 

It was an honour for all the coaches to take the boys to both games today. The lads are really starting to play together, their behaviour was excellent and they are building some team spirit. We are having a rest on Wednesday - so no training. Back in action next Sunday with a home game against Dunvant (check blog for Underhill or Bishopston). 

Thursday, 1 October 2009

Weekend Plans

Penlan have asked for a fixture on Sunday. For organisational purposes (and to save half of you from a full day carting your children around rugby grounds) those boys going to the Liberty in the afternoon will not be expected to come to Penlan as well. Everyone else please meet at Mynydd Newydd playing fields at 10.00 for a 10:30 KO. Directions Here.

For the Liberty in the afternoon. We will be meeting at 3:00 outside the ticket office by the South Stand. The team goes in free, but spectators need to pay for tickets. Adults are £18 and under 16s are £10. There is a cheaper children's option - but it will only be valid in the wrong corner of the pitch for where Mumbles will be playing. The boys have a block booking - and so that we can sit next to them I need to reserve the tickets in the next couple of days. Please contact me by e-mail: or by text: 07846 334962 and let me know how many tickets you want (adult or u16). We will then pick up the tickets on the day. If a few extra people come at the last minute I expect they will be able to sit close enough.