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Sunday, 25 October 2009

Penlan Report

Not sure how well it worked this morning splitting the squad. The monsoon arriving towards the end of the match didn't help. But we'll give it a go again next week to continue trial. Special thanks to the boys (and parents) who came to the early training session, and showed a lot of patience during the match. Their 2 pass game of touch rugby was superb and they will be rewarded with a full match next Sunday.

The match squad faced up to a much improved Penlan team. Tagging wasn't quite up to standard - the boys need to remember to push up in a line and not drop back to defend. Attacking skills were much better. Jamie has turned into a try machine. Arthur danced through the defense for a trademark score and Luke showed his pace out on the wing. There was good support play and quick passing throughout the side, with Duncan finishing it all off at the end in the corner. After this very enjoyable fixture I have left it up to Dylan and his feisty cousin to fight it out over the score.

The cricket club has proved excellent for an after match get together. Thanks to all the parents and children for organising the hotdogs. If you know any of the opposition parents, it would be helpful to try and convince them to come as well - or help point people in the right direction.

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