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Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Home Match this week

Training is this Friday at 5:00 at Underhill as usual.

Match is at HOME against Pontarddulais, meet Sunday 10:30 at Bishopston. Matrix selection for the match has been sent by teamer and is given in the post underneath.

Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Matrix

(Training as usual Friday at 5:00. Boys just back from Borfa excused!)

We have loads of matches planned this year, and with the healthy squad numbers we are going to try and minimise standing around for the lads. So we introduce the Matrix. We feed the team names into a secret algorithm, which allocates players to matches equally, and in advance, for the next few games. The first second (!) iteration of the matrix has spoken, and teams for the next 3 Sundays are given below. After these matches we have Gowerton at home, which will be our traditional double header with all boys playing. So 1 weekend off in the next 4. After Gowerton we will crank up the Matrix again. Teamer invites will go out as usual midweek before each match. Please respond when you get the teamer text so that adjustments can be made if needed.

P.S. Well spotted on the bug in the programme. Cam should be in the Bont column, not Jack. Back to the drawing board.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Training Friday

Well done to all the lads and parents who made it up to Loughor through the traffic this week. A tough and good game I hear. There is training as usual at Underhill on Friday at 5:00. The match on Sunday is against Skewen at Bishopston. Meet 10:30. All those not at Loughor will be playing. Teamers will be sent out soon, please reply so we can fill in gaps as needed.

Monday, 10 September 2012

Two Matches This Week

Plenty of rugby on offer this week, so potentially no standing around on the touchline. To do this we need to send a team to Loughor on THURSDAY for a kick off at 6:00. Please try and get there for 5:45 at the latest. I have sent round a teamer for the first set of 12 players. Please reply asap, so that others can be invited as spaces become available. The teamer for the Sunday match against Skewen will be sent out when the first match is all sorted, but will include all those not going to Loughor. Remember if everyone opts out of Thursday and then it will be half a game each on Sunday!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

Thank you!

Thank you all for the gift for last seasons efforts! It is much appreciated by us all!

Mike, Ian and Matt

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Friday Training

Friday 5:00 at Underhill. This will be our regular time (until it gets too dark).

Sunday, meet 10:30 at Bishopston for match against Dunvant. We have a new pitch for matches this year. It is away from the main set of fields, the one hidden at the other side of the school, on the right hand side as you immediately enter the car park.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

It's good to be back....

Hopefully the weather this morning will not be a sign of things to come for the WildCats this season! Despite the difficult conditions the WildCats got off to a great start this morning. Here are my thoughts on the game;
  • I was particularly pleased to note that the WildCats kept their shape for all of the game, this is something that we have worked on and it was great to see the boys remembering to do this without much prompting.
  • Pressure was good on the opposition.
  • Passing was excellent for most of the game, especially given the conditions.
  • I was delighted the boys accepted the refereeing decisions with no comments or backchat. This is to be applauded and encouraged. We will come across many refs this season with varying interpretation of the rules by which we play. I feel it's important the boys develop the ability to alter their style of play according to the rules by which they are refereed.
  • Awareness of what's in front of the player ie. playing "heads up rugby".
There are still many things which we need to work on in training. As I said to the boys, it's important we get a big turn out to training so all players are able to know what we are working towards in games. We will be having regular training sessions from now on to improve all aspects of our games.

Training will be every Friday at 5:00.

For those who are interested, here is a link to the latest WRU Rugby Pathway which contains the rules by which we play.