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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Matrix

(Training as usual Friday at 5:00. Boys just back from Borfa excused!)

We have loads of matches planned this year, and with the healthy squad numbers we are going to try and minimise standing around for the lads. So we introduce the Matrix. We feed the team names into a secret algorithm, which allocates players to matches equally, and in advance, for the next few games. The first second (!) iteration of the matrix has spoken, and teams for the next 3 Sundays are given below. After these matches we have Gowerton at home, which will be our traditional double header with all boys playing. So 1 weekend off in the next 4. After Gowerton we will crank up the Matrix again. Teamer invites will go out as usual midweek before each match. Please respond when you get the teamer text so that adjustments can be made if needed.

P.S. Well spotted on the bug in the programme. Cam should be in the Bont column, not Jack. Back to the drawing board.