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Wednesday, 30 April 2014


Important message from the Chairman:

Dear Parent                                                                                                                

It has come to my attention that there have been incidents of ‘cyber bullying’ between boys of Mumbles RFC and boys playing for other local Junior teams. I understand this is done by using Facebook and in some cases Twitter.

While I understand it is always difficult to monitor everything that is put on the Social Media network, it is concerning as to how much children are allowed to use these programmes without parental guidance. I do understand that this type of socialising can be great fun and very helpful, however I believe it can also be very dangerous when used to tease and then abuse others.

When your children join a rugby club they do so not only to develop their rugby skills but hopefully to develop their social skills as well. They should be enjoying themselves and developing friendships not only with their teammates but with players from other clubs. Messages that carry threats and abuse prior to and after a game are not only dangerous but have no part in this great game.

I would like to take a common sense approach to this problem and would ask that you, as Parents, remind your children that getting involved in abusive messages on Social Media networks is not appropriate and should not be allowed to develop. Indeed if they are a victim of such actions they should tell you straight away so that the issue can be addressed before it has a chance of doing any damage.

I sincerely hope you are with me in trying to stamp out this form of abuse and you and your children continue to enjoy being part of Mumbles Rugby Club.

For your information I have sent a copy of this note to local clubs in the hope that they share my thoughts in trying to solve this issue. While I appreciate we are never going to get rid of the problem we can at least try and minimise the effect it has on children.

Yours in Sport

Martin Rodwell
Mumbles Rugby Club

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Team Photo!

As we wind the season down we will have our team photo this Friday. Meet at 4:45 for the photo. Please try and make it, even if you can't stay for the training afterwards.

Training will be touch rugby again. But Ben will also be taking a group of the forwards off to start lifting in the lineout. The rules we are trying to follow for out touch rugby session are 'international' touch rugby laws and can be found HERE.

Thanks to Tonmawr on the weekend for coming down at the very last minute. It turned into a great Barbarians style end of season try fest, with tackling optional.

We will have touch rugby (and lifting) training on Friday 9th May. And we are aiming to have our final event of the season: a game of touch followed by presentation of new jerseys on Friday 16th May (at Underhill weather permitting). Teamer confirmation will be sent out asap.

Saturday, 26 April 2014

Last Game of Season

We have had a last minute arrangement of a game with Tonmawr. Meet down underhill park at 11:30 on Sunday and we will play on the main pitch after the under 15s match against Dunvant. The visitors are missing a few boys because my invitation was so last minute, but they are still keen to come. We might have to take turns to share out the players a bit , but it should be a great way to finish the season with some proper rugby and action for all. After the match it will be food at the club. As this is the last game it would be great to get the majority of the boys back there (and the Cardiff football game will be on!)

Keep an eye out for a couple of other end of season events.
1. Touch rugby training every Friday at 5:00.
2. Team Year Photo
3. End of season presentation of new jerseys.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Easter Weekend - relax

No training or match this weekend. We hope to have an end of season event next week.

Thursday, 10 April 2014

Skewen Match

Training this Friday at 17:00 Underhill Park.

Match vs Skewen on Sunday meet 10:15.