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Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sunday Details

To make the most of the weather we have organised 2 matches this sunday. Both away so we will travel separately. We go to Morriston, and an adventure into Scarlet land at Furnace. Directions to Morrison HERE, just off Chemical Road, SA6 6JS. Directions to Furnace RFC HERE, SA15 4HT.

Teamers are on their way soon. Please try and make this one and reply with availability as it will be a little tight this week to get two full teams out.

Furnace Team: Meet at 10:15. It takes about 30 mins to drive there on a sunday morning. Ethan, Lloyd, Myles, Danny, Josh, Dylan, Fin, Luca, Neil, Cam, TTS

Morriston Team: Meet at 10:00 at the latest as the morriston matches have to be finished by 11:00. Tom R, Sam, Dunc, Jacob, Connor, Kieran, Ike, Owen, Tom H, Jack, Harry

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sunday fixtures

2nd October we will be on the road. We have one match at Morriston so far. We aim to split into 2 teams and hope to take a team West as well. Teamer invites will be sent asap. Please make sure you reply, as for away matches it is particularly important that we know who is going where.

The fixture list up until Xmas is up on the right. But it will be updated with extra fixtures as long as the decent weather holds.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Match Reports

Thanks to Matthew and his posse, staying for 2 games, and for cheering on the Mumbles boys who donned the red jersey of Gorseinon: Owen, Tom R, Connor, Ike, Dunc, Josh. This made the morning for everyone. We now expect Connor to repeat his ferocious tackling performance for the blues next week! The coaches would also like to congratulate the boys on a very strong all round performance in both games, with several beautiful tries made by keeping an eye on the support and looking for the offload.

Training on Wednesday 4:30 at Underhill.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Gorseinon Sunday

This Sunday we have two matches against Gorseinon. Their squad has been strengthened by a few footie boys this year (remember we played them on a Wednesday night last year?) so although we can't play 2 simultaneous games, Gorseinon have kindly agreed to play us twice, with a little rest in between to catch their breath.

The first match will start at 10:30. Please meet at 10:15: Arthur, Dylan, Josh, Ike, Dunc, Sam, Neil, Danny, Lloyd, Jacob, Mylesy, Connor.

The second match will probably get underway at about 11:10. So these boys please meet at Bish at 11:00. Cam, Tom R, Fin, Tom H, Harry, Jack, Ethan, Ki, TTS, Owen, Luca.

Remember all players are welcome back at the club after the match for hotdogs. We are looking for parent volunteers on a Sunday to pick up rolls on the way if they are going. All you need to do is pop into the coop for burger or finger rolls (20 - 30, ask Mike on the day). Keep the receipt and give it to Skinny at the bar and he will refund on the spot.

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Many thanks again to Luca's mum Kath for winning the new kit. It looks great and has saved us a huge amount of money. Also, for the first time, we have proper shorts as well as the jersey.

If anyone has a problem with size, let me know asap and we will sort it out. We have a few spare medium sized jerseys - in case any of the small are too small or large too large. I tried to err on the large size so they will last into next season.

If you went to trade centre wales for the initial presentation, can you please return the jersey (the one without the logos). We will keep these as team spares (and pass on the tiny ones to a lower age group).

For the old jerseys - keep these for training etc. At the end of the season we will look at options for recycling them. If there are still enough for a team they can be sent to rugby charities.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Match Reports

What a lovely morning in the driving rain. It is hectic organising all the players, especially with the Fall Bay match reduced to 7 a side, which threw our well developed matrix into confusion. Still there was plenty of rugby all round, and thanks everyone for following the plan and bringing all your support. The stand out performances were passing against Fall Bay (28-7), and excellent tackling against Bonymaen (43-33 I think). The forwards worked well together to bring down some of their big lads, and that is a fixture we can really look forward to again later in the season. Well done to Neil and Danny on Mumbles debuts, and to the first match boys for stepping up to put on the yellow jersey of Fall Bay. Full marks to Harry for being the first to put his hand up.

Training on Wednesday at Underhill 4:30.

Next week Gorseinon at home. 2 matches again.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sunday Match Plans

This weekend we are all at home. Note for new players this means Bishopston Comprehensive School Playing Fields (rather than Underhill where we train). Please meet promptly at the right time for your game. Our home pitch for the season will be the large pitch by the tennis courts. And we will be based at the top end (next to the tennis courts). Following our plans for the season we again mix the teams up. This weekend it is...

Vs Fall Bay. Arrive by 10:15. Josh, Ike, Owen, Harry, Jack, Fin, TTS, Luca, Cam, Lloyd, Ethan, Dylan

Vs Bonymane. Arrive by 11:15. Myles, Tom R, Connor, Jacob, Kieran, Arthur, Sam, Duncan, Tom H, Danny, Neil

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

This week's plans

Another 2 good results last weekend. Thanks to Ponty for great hospitality on Friday. I enjoyed seeing the Wildcats commandeer the pool table in the packed bar afterwards. Also to Dunvant for stepping in on the World Cup weekend. Special mention to the forwards on Friday, for facing up to a ferocious Ponty pack, and supplying enough ball in the second half to overcome the deficit. And to TTS and Jacob for enthusiastic debuts at Dunvant.

Training on Wednesday 4:30 at Underhill.

Sunday: 2 Matches at Bishopston. Fall Bay at 10:30 KO and Bonymaen at 11:30 KO. 2 separate teams will be picked so there will be no need for hanging around. Teamer invites to follow tomorrow.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Directions for the weekend

Pontardawe The Leisure Centre Fields HERE.

Dunvant (the Broadacre) HERE.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Get well soon Luke

Nasty injury in training last night, with Luke breaking a finger. And he did not say a word about it at the time! A tough tackler Luke as we all know. Unfortunately there is always a chance of a knock in any contact sport, but it is a rare event and until now the Wildcats, and all their opponents, have been happily injury free. Let's hope this continues and this is the last incident for a long while. Very best wishes to Luke for a speedy recovery and we hope to see him back in action after a good rest.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Weekend matches

We are making a big effort this season to get lots of game time for the big squad. So as often as possible we will have 2 games. This weekend we have the World Cup to contend with, so Pontardawe have offered a game on Friday, and Dunvant on Sunday after the Wales match.

Here are the teams. Please reply to teamer (unless I haven't set up your account yet) so we know we have full teams on each day.

Friday. Meet at Pontardawe, the leisure centre pitch, at 5:45. If anyone needs a lift call Mike who has some spare seats. Team: Duncan, Tom H, Dylan, Fin, Harry W, Jack, Tom R, Arthur, Harry, Ike, Luca, Owen

Sunday. The Wales-SA KO is 9:30. So the match is scheduled for 12:00 KO at Dunvant. We are all welcome to go earlier and watch the match at the Dunvant clubhouse - or just scoot up at the final whistle. Team: Cam, Lloyd, Ethan, Luke, Josh R, Myles, Kieran, Connor, Jacob, Sam, Tom T-S.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

International Tickets

Anyone interested in tickets for next year's six nations can buy them through the club. But time is running out. All you need to do is go to the ground floor bar in the club house, and write your name on the list pinned up on the column facing the bar (or ask Skinny where the list is). If tickets are over subscribed, there will be a lottery, however at the moment there are not many names down (France and Italy are the home matches) and there is a good chance that you will be offered tickets. Please include a contact telephone number, and indicate the team (under 10s) that you are part of.

Lists will only be there until the end of the week (because we then need to apply for our allocation) so if you want tickets go now.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Season off to a flyer

Thanks to Lynn and the Gowerton lads for stepping in and offering the fixture this weekend. Always a good welcome and the boys responded with an excellent performance. Tackling and commitment was good, but the passing was really outstanding. We need to take that message to heart and realise that quick passes can make tries and are as important as the finish. Ike and Lloyd got themselves on the end of some excellent moves and showed their try scoring skills, with Owen capping a fine performance with a try. But the effort was put in across the whole team to make those chances.

At the park we concentrated on the new rules for new players and those coming back from holiday. Excellent progress being made by all.

We have one match arranged so far for next weekend, away at Dunvant. We hope to have another at Bishopston so everyone can have a game.

Training is back to its usual time: Wednessday 4:30 at Underhill. See you there.