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Thursday, 22 September 2011


Many thanks again to Luca's mum Kath for winning the new kit. It looks great and has saved us a huge amount of money. Also, for the first time, we have proper shorts as well as the jersey.

If anyone has a problem with size, let me know asap and we will sort it out. We have a few spare medium sized jerseys - in case any of the small are too small or large too large. I tried to err on the large size so they will last into next season.

If you went to trade centre wales for the initial presentation, can you please return the jersey (the one without the logos). We will keep these as team spares (and pass on the tiny ones to a lower age group).

For the old jerseys - keep these for training etc. At the end of the season we will look at options for recycling them. If there are still enough for a team they can be sent to rugby charities.