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Tuesday, 13 September 2011

This week's plans

Another 2 good results last weekend. Thanks to Ponty for great hospitality on Friday. I enjoyed seeing the Wildcats commandeer the pool table in the packed bar afterwards. Also to Dunvant for stepping in on the World Cup weekend. Special mention to the forwards on Friday, for facing up to a ferocious Ponty pack, and supplying enough ball in the second half to overcome the deficit. And to TTS and Jacob for enthusiastic debuts at Dunvant.

Training on Wednesday 4:30 at Underhill.

Sunday: 2 Matches at Bishopston. Fall Bay at 10:30 KO and Bonymaen at 11:30 KO. 2 separate teams will be picked so there will be no need for hanging around. Teamer invites to follow tomorrow.