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Sunday, 31 October 2010

Ponty Match Report

Well done to all the boys who travelled to Ponty this morning. After our customary detour to the wrong playing fields, the Mumbles Wildcats took to the field represented by Arthur, Cam, Luca, Lloyd, Sam, Luke, Ethan, Tom H, Myles, Owen and Dylan. It turned into a great contest, with both sides playing hard rugby in the right spirit. Thanks go to Ian at Ponty for putting up a side to play both the Mumbles 9s and 10s, and to the Ponty boys for coping with switching between the different rules. Thanks also to Matt for reffing very sympathetically and keeping the game flowing. In the end it made for a much better spectacle than usual, with more ebb and flow, and more competitive turnovers. Perhaps the Pathway Law makers should have been watching!

Ponty looked strong at the start at took a deserved lead with the opening try. But after some classical winger finishing from Dylan and Lloyd, and then a typical strong run from close quarters from Ethan, Mumbles were surprisingly 3-1 ahead. Ponty scored at the stroke of half time from a scrum and a lovely long pass and soon after the restart it was all square and game on. Ponty looked to have the edge as several try saving tackles went in from Cam and Luke. The game remained tight with the Ponty defence up quickly to smother attacks from Luca and Sam and on our side a huge defensive effort was put in, led by Owen, Myles, Arthur and Tom H. The deadlock was broken by Dylan seeing the tiniest of gaps and scorching down the touchline. And finally the game was won when Owen and Myles forced the ball loose, and Lloyd showed great skill in picking up and diving over in one movement. The reaction from the team was a picture. Not simply because they managed to win, but because it was such a hard fought match that could have gone either way. Certainly a re-match to look forward to in the second half of the season.

Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Sunday 31st Oct: Pontardawe

The Wildcats will be travelling to Pontardawe this Sunday. Teamer invites have been sent out, please respond with your availability.

Change of plan...Due to several boys being away for the half term we have opened the Pontardawe game up to EVERYONE IN THE SQUAD. Please let us know on teamer.

Confirmed: Sam, Eddie, Ike, Myles, Ethan,
Also invited: Tom H, Kieran, Josh R, Luke, Owen, Cam, Luca, Dylan, Fin

Meeting time is 10:30 (please check for any changes in kick off time) at Pontardawe RFC. Directions are a little tricky (players often end up in the nearby Pontardawe Leisure Centre playing fields by accident). Take the A4067 out of Swansea, straight to Pontardawe. On the first roundabout at Ponty, take the second exit (still on A4067) then at the next roundabout (A474) take the exit on the right. This is a straight road, and a dead end, that takes you directly to the playing fields. Map here, see green arrow for pitches.

Monday, 25 October 2010

Half term break from training

NO training this Wednesday.

We then have two fairly long road trips on the next 2 Sundays, to Pontardawe and Pontarddulais. So to maximise playing time per mile, we will split the teams. Teamer invites will go out later this week.

Match Report - South Gower

Hopefully the type of weather we experienced yesterday morning will stay with us for most of the Autumn and Winter months, so much better when the sun is shining!

Once more our numbers were large today, meaning we had enough players for roughly two teams, and we took to the pitch against a determined South Gower side. I was impressed with the type of game South Gower played, continual "pick and drive". This tested out defensive skills once again! I am pleased to say generally our tackling was excellent. However the times when SG did score, we made it easier for them by not putting pressure on their players by MOVING UP THE PITCH IN A LINE! This stops the attacking player picking up speed and being able to run out wide and around our players!

Our try scoring was again excellent and some lovely tries were scored, including a great run and pass to set up a try. Outstanding!

The final score was 5-3 to the Wildcats I believe.

Sunday, 24 October 2010

Parent Responsibility

Match report from a great game this morning to follow.

After a couple of unpleasant incidents over the last few weeks, I'd just like to remind everyone of their responsibilities on a Sunday morning.

These points come directly from the new WRU Rugby Pathway
  • Display courtesy, friendliness and sportsmanship to the opposing team and the referee at all times
  • Do not question publicly the referee's decision
I stress we have not had anything involving our parents, and have never had during all the time I have been involved. But it is very important we keep it that way. If, in the heat of the moment, something is said, then a quick, un-qualified apology to the ref should be made. Lastly, if there are any incidents involving opposition parents/players/coaches, please keep well away and leave it for the coaches to deal with. The fewer people involved the better.

Thursday, 21 October 2010

South Gower Sunday

Local derby this Sunday (24th Oct) meet 10:15 at Bishopston. It is the start of half term, so Teamer texts have gone out, please reply and let us know your availability.

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Gorseinon Match Report

What a great evening! Good atmosphere and with the game being played under the floodlights the boys were up for the match!

We took to the field with Sam, Luke, Lloyd, Ethan, Tom, Jack, Harry, Fin, Duncan, Eddie, Myles, Owen and Cam. As is now becoming a feature, we played 3, 10 minute thirds to give the players maximum game time.

During the first third Gors showed us how to keep possession and recycle the ball, the did this with some magnificent "going to ground", and then passing the ball on to the next available player. However our tackling was extremely good, not allowing them to break through. In fact, I think there were maybe 20 phases of play at one point, something that a professional team would be proud of!

The game was played in great spirit and there were some lovely plays from both teams. It was a close encounter until the last third of the match, in which we scored 4 tries.

Try scores this evening were Owen (2), Cam, Ethan (2) and one "team try " scored by Lloyd and Tom. However, the team play tonight was excellent, everybody got stuck in, and contributed. Well done boys. Final score was Gors 2 Wildcats 6.

Thanks this evening to Matthew (Gors coach) for the warm welcome, Harry and Jacks Mum for the delicious third time oranges, and to Mike Peach for running behind the team so well.

Sunday, 17 October 2010

Wednesday 20th Oct

Plans for Wednesday. Team to travel to Gorseinon for match under the floodlights. Meet at Gorseinon RFC at 6:00. Tom R, Sam, Luke, Lloyd, Ethan, Jack, Harry, Fin, Duncan, Eddie, Myles, Owen, Cam..........( No training before hand, just meet up for the match).

Directions to Gorseinon RFC here. It is pretty much in the middle of Gorseinon. If you head along the A484 turn right at the Roundabout (te Gowerton one) to Gorseinon, along Victoria road, continue towards the village centre on West Street, and you need to turn right before you get to the main traffic lights on Gorseinon High Street.

Everyone else - training at underhill as normal with Mike 4:30.

Bony Report

13 Wildcats made the journey to the mountainous peaks of Bonymaen this morning. Once again the commitment throughout the team was outstanding and the defence held strong throughout the whole match, with the flyers keeping the scoreboard ticking over at the other end.

Good points: attitude, defence, behaviour
Points to work on: keeping the tackling at the legs or waist, GIVING THE SCRUM HALF ROOM TO PASS!

Mike would like to express thanks to all for the support this morning, parents and players, especially at end of the match. Also to Pete and Andrew for helping with the lads, Kath and Helen with the oranges.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Up Coming matches

We're pleased to say that Gorseinon are keen on a quick rematch and have offered us a game under their floodlights NEXT WEDNESDAY (20th Oct). Will our normal Sunday fixture against Bonymaen, this gives us a great opportunity to split the squad and offer full matches again this week for all the boys. Here are the teams.

THIS SUNDAY. Meet 10:30 (confirmed) at Bonymaen RFC
Arthur, Jack, Harry, Fin, Kieran, Connor, Dylan, Luca, Ike, Josh B, Josh R, Cam, Tom H

NEXT WEDNESDAY (20th October). Meet 6:00pm at Gorseinon RFC
Tom R, Sam, Luke, Lloyd, Ethan, Jack, Harry, Fin, Duncan, Eddie, Myles, Owen

Note that next Wednesday there will be training at Underhill as usual (4:30) for those not going to Gorseinon.

Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Coaches Comment...

A gentle reminder to all parents/guardians that we would really appreciate your full cooperation with ensuring good behaviour from all the boys at training.

According to Club rules, all players must at all times:
  • Listen to the coach and recognise the coaches authority
  • Understand the spirit of sportsmanship

With regard to the second point it is important that players do not criticise each other and complain during training. We appreciate that at this age the attention span is waning after a day in school, and this is one of the reasons we make an effort to have training at an early time. However, tonight it appeared they had found a case of blue smarties on the way to the park!


Training as usual today.

Teamer invites have been sent out for this Sunday match against Bonymaen. If you have not received one, then you will be invited to play in an extra match NEXT WEDNESDAY (20th OCT) at Gorseinon. Details later.

Monday, 11 October 2010

Gumshield Fitting

Last chance for the gumshield offer...We will be fitting this THURSDAY, at 6:00 Eastside Dental Surgery in Port Tennant (on the right on the main road in the middle of the shops). If you would like one please confirm with me asap by txt (07846 334962) or email (

Price is £30 for top of range gumshield (usual price £65).

Sunday, 10 October 2010

Thank you to all!

Once again the splitting of the teams worked well, all players gaining valuable experience and game time. This undoubtedly builds confidence in everyones ability. Well done boys!

Also thank you to Kath and Helen for sorting out the Hot dogs for the players back at the club, and for introducing the oranges at half time - they went down really well with the boys. Thanks and also to Mariska for sorting the lottery this week. It certainly helps if people share the responsibilty for these roles each week and share the "burden"! Mariska, Kath and Helen have agreed to act as coordinators for these jobs - but that doesn't mean they should actually do it themselves every week. Please can everyone offer to have a go, and take turns with either hot dogs or lottery. See the girls about it - not me!

Gorseinon Match Report

Great display by reports I am hearing! The team stepped up their performance today, the defensive line worked well and those who were in that line made sure that the tackles counted - well done boys!

The boys responded well to the team talk after the second third and pulled away from a tenacious Gors side.

Final score WildCats 7 Gors 6.

Swansea Uplands Report

We took to the pitch with 10 players; Ike, Myles, Cam, Josh, Lloyd, Luca, Connor, Owen, Ethan and Luke. Swansea Uplands were once again very well drillled and organised, credit to their coaches for this, and as always made us feel very welcome!

We had another variation on the rules this morning, it's difficult for all the coaches/refs in the various clubs with the interpretation of the new pathway, hopefully this will settle as the season progresses so we gain some consistency in approach for all involved!

Our downfall today was our "set up" at the tackle area, we are still too congested there, and also very panicky and over enthusiastic. However our commitment remains superb. We never stop trying and are able to piece together some great rugby to create tries. Today the players who scored were Ethan, Lloyd and Josh. The final score was 6 to Ups and 3 to us. We look forward to the return fixture later in the season.

As usual, lots to work on in training, same place and time this Wednesday!

Monday, 4 October 2010

Sunday Plans - Two Matches, Split Squad

***Date for Gumshield Fitting. Thursday next week. 6:00. Eastside Dental Surgery. Port Tennant***

We hope to take advantage of the decent weather forecast this weekend. We have a home match against Gorseinon and have been invited to a match away at Swansea Ups. Teamer invites have been sent - please respond with your availability in case we are left with unbalanced numbers.

Boys for Gorseinon. Meet at Bishopston at 10:15.
Dylan, Tom H, Tom Ch, Arthur, Sam, Duncan, Jack, Harry, Finley, Kieran, Eddie, Josh B.

Team for Swansea Ups. This will KO slightly later. Meet there at 11:15. Directions to Swansea Ups RFC here. It is just off Gower Road, close to the common.
Tom R, Ike, Josh R, Myles, Ethan, Luke, Luca, Lloyd, Connor, Owen, Cam