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Sunday, 10 October 2010

Swansea Uplands Report

We took to the pitch with 10 players; Ike, Myles, Cam, Josh, Lloyd, Luca, Connor, Owen, Ethan and Luke. Swansea Uplands were once again very well drillled and organised, credit to their coaches for this, and as always made us feel very welcome!

We had another variation on the rules this morning, it's difficult for all the coaches/refs in the various clubs with the interpretation of the new pathway, hopefully this will settle as the season progresses so we gain some consistency in approach for all involved!

Our downfall today was our "set up" at the tackle area, we are still too congested there, and also very panicky and over enthusiastic. However our commitment remains superb. We never stop trying and are able to piece together some great rugby to create tries. Today the players who scored were Ethan, Lloyd and Josh. The final score was 6 to Ups and 3 to us. We look forward to the return fixture later in the season.

As usual, lots to work on in training, same place and time this Wednesday!