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Sunday, 28 September 2008

Match Report

A first ever match for the Wildcats this morning. So Mumbles debuts for Tom C,Tom R, Lloyd, Miles, Arthur, Owen, Georgia, Sam, Ike, Duncan, Jamie, Connor, Cameron, Luca, Arjun and Matz. Ike led the team out to face Swansea Uplands. Always strong in the juniors they had a good team with a mix of new players and some with experience, so I was very pleased to see us trade try for try. I think that Sam, Lloyd, Cam, and Tom R crossed the line, thanks to good support play and tagging throughout the team. Uplands played in a great spirit and also made the effort to get down early for a prompt start. Well done everyone.

I am assuming the team wants some more of this? If so, then see you next week for more of the same. 9:30 at home against Fall Bay.

For the team to work on:

1. Looking for space on the big pitch
2. Running up quickly to tag not waiting for them to come to you
3. No diving for tries! They will be disallowed in the future.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Kit for Sunday

The Wildcats will shortly inherit the jerseys from last year's under 8s, and these will be given to each member of the team. For Sunday, I will try and get together enough jerseys for the day, but if I can't it will be helpful if you bring a dark jersey / top of some kind, ideally blue or black. Swansea Uplands play in white and green hoops, so it shouldn't be too difficult to contrast with them.

There is no need to rush for this weekend, but ultimately we will want the team to all play in plain navy shorts. There are a few varieties out there. Some of the discount sports shops are good and you can often pick up 'Kooga Murrayfield' shorts in navy small boys (size 22" will suit most of our team) on e-bay or other online store for about £8.

Socks are navy and sky blue hoops. I have a stock of these and you can buy them off me for £3 at the park.

Monday, 22 September 2008

First Match

This Sunday we'll welcome Swansea Uplands under 7s down the park for the Wildcats first ever match. The arrangents for us are as usual, meet at 9:30. Swansea Ups have agreed to come down nice and early to get things underway, but Match days are very busy at Underhill, especially if there is football, so some patience might be required!

Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Prompt Start on Sunday

Quite a few players / parents are doing the 10k this weekend, so please get down the park in good time. 9:15 for a prompt 9:30 start. We will aim to finish at about 10:15 so that people can get to the run for 11:00.

Sunday, 14 September 2008

Session 2

Welcome to Molly, Ike, Connor and Luca. An enthusiastic start by all. And a welcome return for Tom R, and Owen.

Coaching point of the day: after tagging someone you MUST GET BACK ONSIDE and you cannot interfere with the tagged player when he tries to make a pass.

Same time next week for a match against the under 8s!

How to Pass

As demonstrated by Sam. Passing across the body and looking where he is passing. And Lloyd. Hands up ready to catch the ball and looking at the passer.

Sunday, 7 September 2008

First Day Back

A good turn out for today's first training session. Nice to see some new faces, Georgia and Matz, to add to the boys from the beach. Expect the team to expand nicely as the Schools get back over the next couple of weeks.

Hopefully everyone picked up a information leaflet. For this age group, we'll give them a little time to settle in, then sort out the registration and subs later this month. Any questions grab me before or after the session.

I hope the early Sunday morning start was OK for everyone. The reason for this is that the park gets very busy, especially with football, and this way we can all get a parking spot, a nice space for the training session, and not take up too much of the day. On training days we will aim to get down there 9:20 for a prompt 9:30 start. On match days it will be a little later (to avoid hanging round) and will depend on who we are playing. Check here for details.

Coaches comment for the day: No hiding the tags, and no diving!