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Thursday, 25 September 2008

Kit for Sunday

The Wildcats will shortly inherit the jerseys from last year's under 8s, and these will be given to each member of the team. For Sunday, I will try and get together enough jerseys for the day, but if I can't it will be helpful if you bring a dark jersey / top of some kind, ideally blue or black. Swansea Uplands play in white and green hoops, so it shouldn't be too difficult to contrast with them.

There is no need to rush for this weekend, but ultimately we will want the team to all play in plain navy shorts. There are a few varieties out there. Some of the discount sports shops are good and you can often pick up 'Kooga Murrayfield' shorts in navy small boys (size 22" will suit most of our team) on e-bay or other online store for about £8.

Socks are navy and sky blue hoops. I have a stock of these and you can buy them off me for £3 at the park.

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