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Thursday, 29 December 2011

Back to rugby

Dunvant match seems to be ON. Pitches are reported OK and the forecast is not too bad.

All meet at Dunvant RFC, the Broadacre, at 10:00.

Thursday, 22 December 2011

Happy Christmas!

Thanks for all the help for the parents match. Next year Jack plays for the Wildcats.

No more training until January, when we will continue with the Friday indoor / astroturf, but also introduce some special Wednesday training if the weather is OK. These will not be for the whole squad but will focus on smaller groups each time (e.g. forwards, backs, front row, half backs).

Monday, 12 December 2011

The Big Match and Live Music

*********No Training this week*********
No more training before christmas, but we have one more match:

The parents get their chance to show the boys how it is done this Sunday

Wildcats vs Parents

Underhill Park. 11:00. Sunday 18th December.

Mulled wine on the pitch to keep the parents going. Back to the club for food afterwards.




Come and see The Contenders unveil their new line up for an evening of live Rock and Roll. At Mumbles Rugby Club. FREE Entry from 8:30 till late.

Monday, 5 December 2011

Weekend Match - OFF!

Swansea Ups Match OFF! Rain waterlogged pitch.

Thursday, 1 December 2011

Weekend Plans - Penclawdd and Training at Underhill

This weekend we have one match, away at Penclawdd RFC. Because they have a very small squad (< 10), and because we have missed out on contact training on the grass (and had lots of illnesses), we will split into 2 groups. One for the match and one for training at UNDERHILL PARK. Note that training is at Underhill, as we don't pay extra for those pitches and would be the only side at Bish.

Please reply to teamer.

Meet Penclawdd RFC at 10:30: Directions HERE. Josh, Owen, Luca, Cam, Ki, Lloyd. Dunc, Ethan, Ike, Sam.

Meet Underhill at 10:30: Jack, TTS, Myles, Arthur, Neil, Luke, Jacob, Harry, Tom H, Connor, Fin, Dylan, Danny, Tom R.

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Parents Night Out

Great session at the Park today, we felt the boys concentrated and worked really hard.

An opportunity has come up for a parents get together before xmas. We are joining with the 12s (Crusaders) for an evening of Chilli, Chips and live music at Lazy Jacques on December 10th. The cost is £10 each, which includes some fundraising, all of which we will put towards the Wildcats end of season events. We know how busy weekends get before xmas so we won't all be available but it would be great to have a few drinks together before the mid season break. Hope to see you there if you can make it.

I have sent around a teamer invite. Please let me know if you are coming (by teamer) and how many tickets you want (by text to Mike 07846 334962). Please let me know by mid week if you can.

Saturday 10th December 7:30pm for 8pm
Lazy Jacques - Brynymor road
£10 per head - Live music, chilli and chips (or vegetarian)

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Nov 27th

Don't forget we move back to Astroturf this Friday and a 4:00 start.

This weekend we will have a full squad training match at Bishopston. We have several things to work on, especially positioning, and a more aggressive defence. The Swans play later, so we will go for an early start. Meet Bish at 10:00.

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Training at the Gym and Waun

Remember we are alternating the Gym and Astroturf - and that they are at slightly different times. So this Friday we back are at Bishopston Sports Hall for training at 4:30 to 5:30. Please be there on time.

On Sunday we have a match at Waunarlwydd. I spoke to Ian and Terry yesterday and they have quite a few players and are more than happy to play 2 matches. We will still split into 2 teams, to avoid hanging around.

It is only 10 mins up to Waun on a Sunday morning. The club is at SA5 4ST HERE.

Team to meet at 10:00.
Forwards: TTS, Owen, Tom R, Josh, Cam, Ki
Half Backs: Arthur, Duncan
Backs: Ike, Ethan, Dylan, Lloyd

Team to meet at 10:40.
Forwards: Jack, Myles, Harry, Tom H, Jacob, Connor
Half Backs: Fin, Luca
Backs: Sam, Neil, Luke, Danny

Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Change of plan - YSTRAD OFF

Minutes of parents meeting below....

Change of plan for Sunday. Illness, cubs, and parties have taken their toll and we cannot split the squad. So we can't send a team to Ystradgynlais. We hope to go there in a couple of weeks, but for this week it is Loughor only - with the remnants of the squad.

All those available meet at Loughor RFC 10:30.

Team for Loughor
Meet at 10:30
Loughor RFC directions HERE.

For those that could not make it. Here's a summary of the team meeting...
1. Matt will be back coaching after his knee operation.
2. Please check the blog and always reply to teamer, so we can manage the split squad. [The possibility of using teamer for all information was raised].
3. Please use the AMAZON LINK for you christmas shopping.
4. After the winter, training will move back to Wednesdays, but long term move to Fridays was discussed as it tends to be the only day without after school clubs when the boys go to comp. (note that we would not train as early as 4:00 - that is only for astroturf).
5. If only one game is organised (and if the opposition are not keen on 2 matches) there is a preference for taking half the squad and giving the others the Sunday off (to reduce substitutions).
6. Parents must support the referee. And keep away from the playing area at all times.
7. We would like any ideas asap for the end of season tour / event. If accomodation costs can be reasonable we will look to stay somewhere overnight. If not, another day event like the Cowbridge trip.
8. tournaments are fun, as long as the squad size is small. We will look to go to two different tournaments (splitting the squad) or to take two teams to Lucton if possible.
9. Junior Membership is due. Herjeet will be collecting £10 per player. This is a new requirement from the club. And will go to general club maintenance and to provide the after match food for the juniors on a Sunday.

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Neath Report and Friday

Thanks first to Lee for fitting us in today at Neath and for fielding 2 teams. The boys encountered a very strong side and must be given huge credit for the way the boys stuck at it and never let their heads drop. We were especially pleased in both games to see Mumbles improve, and adapt, as the games went on. There's plenty to work on in training, but we look forward to the rematch at Bish later in the season.

Training will be at Ashleigh Road this week at 4 - 5:00. Since we have been running 2 teams on a sunday as much as possible, we have been unable to get the parents together to get feedback and pass on information. So we will try and have a quick parents meeting towards the end of training on Friday (at about 4:50). Agenda:
Use of teamer and the blog
Winter training
Future training days
Match day organisation (subs or rest day if we can't do 2 teams)
Code of conduct
End of season tour
Junior player membership (£10 due - someone to collect)
Catering on a Sunday (at the club or at Bishopston)
Any questions

Thursday, 3 November 2011

Neath Match for full squad

Don't forget training at Bishopston on Friday 4:30....

This weekend we have 2 matches against Neath Athletic. They play at Cwrt Herbert Playing Fields, next to Dwr Y Felin School on Neath Abbey Road.

We have split into 2 teams, to avoid hanging around.

First match Meet at 9:45.
Forwards: Jack, Owen, Harry, Josh, Kieran, Tom R.
Backs: Cam, Luca, Ethan, Ike, Lloyd, Dylan

Second Match Meet at 10:15
Forwards: Connor, Myles, Jacob, Tom H, TTS, Danny
Backs: Arthur, Duncan, Sam, Luke, Neil, Fin

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Winter Training

After last year's wash out, we have organised a new schedule for winter training. We will be alternating sessions at the astroturf and bishopston gym. We hope this will be a good change of scene to keep the season fresh and will give us time to concentrate on skills, fitness and fun sessions, rather than a mudbath by the swings in the dim light at Underhill.

Unfortunately we could not book anything on our usual Wednesday slot, and all sessions will be on Fridays. Please get in touch with Mike if there are problems with lifts. The sessions will run from Nov 4th to Jan 20th.

This Friday we are at Bishopston Gym. 4:30 - 5:30. Remember that unlike the park there will be bookings after our session so please be there on time to make the most of the hour. Next week we go to astroturf, on Friday 4 - 5.

This Sunday there are 2 matches confirmed at Neath.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Sunday - NO MATCH

Sorry guys. I found out yesterday that Vardre are not bringing an under 10s side. I tried all the local sides (and many further afield) and no one was free to bring a side or host us. So unfortunately there is no match tomorrow. We will take the day off rather than more training, with quite a few lads away for half term. Enjoy the clocks going back and a big lie in.

Next week we have winter training starting on Fridays. Details to follow. And a 2 matches to look forward to at Neath.

P.S. Excellent to see Luke back from injuries on Wednesday, and to see him get stuck right back into the action.

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Half Term

Training as usual, Wednesday 4:30 at Underhill.

Home match against Vardre at Bishopston on Sunday. Hope to involve whole squad. Details to follow.

Friday, 21 October 2011

Sunday - REST

No match this Sunday, have a lie in and enjoy the World Cup Final (if you can....)

Back at Training on Wednesday of half term.

Monday, 17 October 2011

Wednesday Match

NO TRAINING WED. Just the match at Gorseinon.

We had a few lads unavailable on the weekend. So the team for Wednesday is...

Forwards: Jacob, Myles, Connor, Tom H, Kieran, Josh
Backs: Sam, Danny, Tom R, Ike, Dylan, Lloyd, Neil

Meet at Gorseinon RFC at 5:45 for a flood lights match. Directions HERE.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Sunday Match

Our scheduled match this Sunday is away at Pontarddulais. Phil at Bont has confirmed they definitely have enough for only one match. Given that we, and most other teams will have a break on the following Sunday (23rd) for the World Cup final, we have arranged another match for next WEDNESDAY away at Gorseinon. KO 6:00 pm. So we will mix the boys again into 2 teams and everyone will have a full fixture.

We will try to END UP WITH 12 or 11 in each team - so please respond asap so I can juggle as necessary (if Bont numbers are short or due to wednesday unavailability).

Bont. Meet SUNDAY 10:30. The match, as usual, is played at the Pontarddulais Comprehensive School Playing Fields. Directions HERE.
Forwards: TTS, Owen, Cam, Neil, Jack, Harry
Backs: Arthur, Lloyd, Luca, Ethan, Fin

Gorseinon on WEDNESDAY NEXT WEEK. Directions to follow.
Forwards: Jacob, Myles, Connor, Tom H, Kieran, Josh
Backs: Duncan, Sam, Danny, Tom R, Ike, Dylan

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Gowerton Match

Gowerton have one of the bigger squads in the area and are bringing 2 teams down to Bishopston on Sunday. The first KO is scheduled for 10:30, and the second for just after 11:00. Each squad needs to meet about 30 mins before KO.

Team Positions
Although we don't have formal positions at u10s, we are gradually moving towards a more structured game (15 a side begins in year 7). So we want players to think a little bit more about their position, where they should be on the pitch and what they should be doing. Even though it is fairly obvious where some lads will play we aim to move players around so they try different positions, and we also have to consider who else is in the team, so players must not think they are stuck with a role.
Forwards: defending close to the action of the tackle area, rucking, winning the ball off the floor
Half Backs: moving the ball away from the tackle area
Backs: Making a wider defensive line, looking to run into space

Gowerton Teams
A. Meet 10:00 for first game
Forwards: Jack, Owen, Harry, Myles, Tom H, Neil
Half Backs: Fin, Lloyd
Backs: Cam, Dylan, Danny

Gowerton Teams
B. Meet 10:45 for second game
Forwards: Josh, Tom R, Connor, Jacob, Kieran, TTS
Half Backs: Arthur, Luca
Backs: Sam, Ike, Ethan, Duncan

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Club Membership

At the club AGM this year, and at the Junior Section meeting some changes to the membership rules for the club were agreed. The aim is to raise money to support increasing costs for the club, in the face of decreasing takings over the last few years. At present all subs go to the individual teams, and your £3.50 per month goes straight to the Wildcats account, and is only spent on the Wildcats. We will now be adding a club membership of £10 per player. This will apply across the whole junior section. In return the club will take over all Sunday home game catering, and provide our hotdogs and rolls, or other food as requested. We hope this will raise very useful funds for your club, and that at exactly £1 per week the Wildcats still offer very good value for money.

To keep the money separate we will collect the membership as cash. I'll be looking for a volunteer to tick everyone off over the next couple of weeks. I, or the junior Chairman will be happy to answer any questions.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Wednesday - No training

Coaches unavailable this week. So a mid week rest. Back in action this Sunday with games against Gowerton for whole squad at Bishopston.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Sunday reports

Big thanks to the boys from the under 9s who made up the numbers at Morriston, they did the Vikings proud. It meant we coped with the loss of a few players and still managed 2 games with the luxury of no substitutes. Both close good games, with only 1 try separating the teams stretched from Llanelli to Morriston.

Thursday, 29 September 2011

Sunday Details

To make the most of the weather we have organised 2 matches this sunday. Both away so we will travel separately. We go to Morriston, and an adventure into Scarlet land at Furnace. Directions to Morrison HERE, just off Chemical Road, SA6 6JS. Directions to Furnace RFC HERE, SA15 4HT.

Teamers are on their way soon. Please try and make this one and reply with availability as it will be a little tight this week to get two full teams out.

Furnace Team: Meet at 10:15. It takes about 30 mins to drive there on a sunday morning. Ethan, Lloyd, Myles, Danny, Josh, Dylan, Fin, Luca, Neil, Cam, TTS

Morriston Team: Meet at 10:00 at the latest as the morriston matches have to be finished by 11:00. Tom R, Sam, Dunc, Jacob, Connor, Kieran, Ike, Owen, Tom H, Jack, Harry

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Sunday fixtures

2nd October we will be on the road. We have one match at Morriston so far. We aim to split into 2 teams and hope to take a team West as well. Teamer invites will be sent asap. Please make sure you reply, as for away matches it is particularly important that we know who is going where.

The fixture list up until Xmas is up on the right. But it will be updated with extra fixtures as long as the decent weather holds.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Match Reports

Thanks to Matthew and his posse, staying for 2 games, and for cheering on the Mumbles boys who donned the red jersey of Gorseinon: Owen, Tom R, Connor, Ike, Dunc, Josh. This made the morning for everyone. We now expect Connor to repeat his ferocious tackling performance for the blues next week! The coaches would also like to congratulate the boys on a very strong all round performance in both games, with several beautiful tries made by keeping an eye on the support and looking for the offload.

Training on Wednesday 4:30 at Underhill.

Friday, 23 September 2011

Gorseinon Sunday

This Sunday we have two matches against Gorseinon. Their squad has been strengthened by a few footie boys this year (remember we played them on a Wednesday night last year?) so although we can't play 2 simultaneous games, Gorseinon have kindly agreed to play us twice, with a little rest in between to catch their breath.

The first match will start at 10:30. Please meet at 10:15: Arthur, Dylan, Josh, Ike, Dunc, Sam, Neil, Danny, Lloyd, Jacob, Mylesy, Connor.

The second match will probably get underway at about 11:10. So these boys please meet at Bish at 11:00. Cam, Tom R, Fin, Tom H, Harry, Jack, Ethan, Ki, TTS, Owen, Luca.

Remember all players are welcome back at the club after the match for hotdogs. We are looking for parent volunteers on a Sunday to pick up rolls on the way if they are going. All you need to do is pop into the coop for burger or finger rolls (20 - 30, ask Mike on the day). Keep the receipt and give it to Skinny at the bar and he will refund on the spot.

Thursday, 22 September 2011


Many thanks again to Luca's mum Kath for winning the new kit. It looks great and has saved us a huge amount of money. Also, for the first time, we have proper shorts as well as the jersey.

If anyone has a problem with size, let me know asap and we will sort it out. We have a few spare medium sized jerseys - in case any of the small are too small or large too large. I tried to err on the large size so they will last into next season.

If you went to trade centre wales for the initial presentation, can you please return the jersey (the one without the logos). We will keep these as team spares (and pass on the tiny ones to a lower age group).

For the old jerseys - keep these for training etc. At the end of the season we will look at options for recycling them. If there are still enough for a team they can be sent to rugby charities.

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Match Reports

What a lovely morning in the driving rain. It is hectic organising all the players, especially with the Fall Bay match reduced to 7 a side, which threw our well developed matrix into confusion. Still there was plenty of rugby all round, and thanks everyone for following the plan and bringing all your support. The stand out performances were passing against Fall Bay (28-7), and excellent tackling against Bonymaen (43-33 I think). The forwards worked well together to bring down some of their big lads, and that is a fixture we can really look forward to again later in the season. Well done to Neil and Danny on Mumbles debuts, and to the first match boys for stepping up to put on the yellow jersey of Fall Bay. Full marks to Harry for being the first to put his hand up.

Training on Wednesday at Underhill 4:30.

Next week Gorseinon at home. 2 matches again.

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Sunday Match Plans

This weekend we are all at home. Note for new players this means Bishopston Comprehensive School Playing Fields (rather than Underhill where we train). Please meet promptly at the right time for your game. Our home pitch for the season will be the large pitch by the tennis courts. And we will be based at the top end (next to the tennis courts). Following our plans for the season we again mix the teams up. This weekend it is...

Vs Fall Bay. Arrive by 10:15. Josh, Ike, Owen, Harry, Jack, Fin, TTS, Luca, Cam, Lloyd, Ethan, Dylan

Vs Bonymane. Arrive by 11:15. Myles, Tom R, Connor, Jacob, Kieran, Arthur, Sam, Duncan, Tom H, Danny, Neil

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

This week's plans

Another 2 good results last weekend. Thanks to Ponty for great hospitality on Friday. I enjoyed seeing the Wildcats commandeer the pool table in the packed bar afterwards. Also to Dunvant for stepping in on the World Cup weekend. Special mention to the forwards on Friday, for facing up to a ferocious Ponty pack, and supplying enough ball in the second half to overcome the deficit. And to TTS and Jacob for enthusiastic debuts at Dunvant.

Training on Wednesday 4:30 at Underhill.

Sunday: 2 Matches at Bishopston. Fall Bay at 10:30 KO and Bonymaen at 11:30 KO. 2 separate teams will be picked so there will be no need for hanging around. Teamer invites to follow tomorrow.

Friday, 9 September 2011

Directions for the weekend

Pontardawe The Leisure Centre Fields HERE.

Dunvant (the Broadacre) HERE.

Thursday, 8 September 2011

Get well soon Luke

Nasty injury in training last night, with Luke breaking a finger. And he did not say a word about it at the time! A tough tackler Luke as we all know. Unfortunately there is always a chance of a knock in any contact sport, but it is a rare event and until now the Wildcats, and all their opponents, have been happily injury free. Let's hope this continues and this is the last incident for a long while. Very best wishes to Luke for a speedy recovery and we hope to see him back in action after a good rest.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Weekend matches

We are making a big effort this season to get lots of game time for the big squad. So as often as possible we will have 2 games. This weekend we have the World Cup to contend with, so Pontardawe have offered a game on Friday, and Dunvant on Sunday after the Wales match.

Here are the teams. Please reply to teamer (unless I haven't set up your account yet) so we know we have full teams on each day.

Friday. Meet at Pontardawe, the leisure centre pitch, at 5:45. If anyone needs a lift call Mike who has some spare seats. Team: Duncan, Tom H, Dylan, Fin, Harry W, Jack, Tom R, Arthur, Harry, Ike, Luca, Owen

Sunday. The Wales-SA KO is 9:30. So the match is scheduled for 12:00 KO at Dunvant. We are all welcome to go earlier and watch the match at the Dunvant clubhouse - or just scoot up at the final whistle. Team: Cam, Lloyd, Ethan, Luke, Josh R, Myles, Kieran, Connor, Jacob, Sam, Tom T-S.

Tuesday, 6 September 2011

International Tickets

Anyone interested in tickets for next year's six nations can buy them through the club. But time is running out. All you need to do is go to the ground floor bar in the club house, and write your name on the list pinned up on the column facing the bar (or ask Skinny where the list is). If tickets are over subscribed, there will be a lottery, however at the moment there are not many names down (France and Italy are the home matches) and there is a good chance that you will be offered tickets. Please include a contact telephone number, and indicate the team (under 10s) that you are part of.

Lists will only be there until the end of the week (because we then need to apply for our allocation) so if you want tickets go now.

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Season off to a flyer

Thanks to Lynn and the Gowerton lads for stepping in and offering the fixture this weekend. Always a good welcome and the boys responded with an excellent performance. Tackling and commitment was good, but the passing was really outstanding. We need to take that message to heart and realise that quick passes can make tries and are as important as the finish. Ike and Lloyd got themselves on the end of some excellent moves and showed their try scoring skills, with Owen capping a fine performance with a try. But the effort was put in across the whole team to make those chances.

At the park we concentrated on the new rules for new players and those coming back from holiday. Excellent progress being made by all.

We have one match arranged so far for next weekend, away at Dunvant. We hope to have another at Bishopston so everyone can have a game.

Training is back to its usual time: Wednessday 4:30 at Underhill. See you there.

Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Weekend Plans

No more training this week.

For Sunday we had our original fixture cancelled, but have been invited to bring a small squad to Gowerton. The team for the match will be taken mainly from the boys who have been able to train with the new rules a few times. Meet at Gowerton at 10:15. New players, and those returning from holidays will have a training session with Mike to get up to speed, meeting at Underhill Park at 10:00 on Sunday.

Teamer invites will be sent out in the morning for each event. Remember our aim is for equal game time for all with small squads to avoid too many substitutes on match day.

Saturday, 27 August 2011


Thanks to everyone who could take part this morning. The boys are adjusting nicely to the new laws. Special thanks to Kathy for the massage sessions, which were very much appreciated after the stress of refereeing.

After a quick survey regarding bank holiday availability we will have our next training session next Tuesday, at the park at 10:00. Don't worry if you have commitments and can't make it. There is a long season ahead. We will try and fit one more session in before the first match next Sunday.

Gowerton are the hosts next week, and we can only take one team (they have squeezed us in alongside their Loughor fixture). If we can't arrange a second match we will have training for half the squad on Sunday at Underhill. This is our plan to avoid too much standing round as a substitute. We will rotate players and try and ensure equal match time for everyone over the season.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Training tomorrow!

We are back in action Thursday at 10:00 at Underhill Park.

Sorry for the late notice. An introduction to the new Laws and some touch rugby.

Don't forget the fun day on Saturday. We meet at Underhill at 10:00 promptly. We will have a game amongst ourselves, and also with some of the under 11s, at 10:15 on the main pitch. Then we will carry on training on a side pitch for half an hour before joining in with the fun and games and watching the other matches. There is BBQ, beer tent, games, snacks etc... We are running Boules and Kathy will be offering massage to raise money for the Wildcats.

Here is the Saturday plan...

Main Pitch Rugby Programme :
9.45 - 10.15am -------- Mumbles U12's Training & Crossbar Challenge, Full Pitch
10.15 - 10.45am--------- Mumbles U11's & U10's Combined Training Session , Full pitch.
10.45 - 11.15am--------- U13's Training Session, Full Pitch.
11.15 - 11.30 am-------- Mumbles U8's v Gowerton & South Gower, Full Pitch ( 2 x 1/2 pitch fixtures ).
11.30 - 12.00pm -------- Mumbles U9's v Gowerton A & South Gower A, Full Pitch ( 2 x 1/2 pitch fixtures ).
12.00 - 12.30pm -------- Mumbles U9's v Gowerton B & South Gower B, Full Pitch ( 2 x 1/2 pitch fixtures )
12.30 - 1.00pm ---------- Mumbles U7's v Gowerton & South Gower, Full Pitch ( 2 x 1/2 pitch fixtures ).-- Numbers Dependant!!
1.00 - 1.45pm ------------ LUNCH / Raffle presentation/ Adults & Coaches, Tug Of War.
1.45 - 2.00pm ------------ Non-registered mini's fun session.
2.00 - 2.30pm ------------ Adult's & Coaches TAG Rugby Match, Full Pitch.
2.30 - 3.00pm ------------ free play

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Friday Plans: BBQ in Neath!

Post code for Trade Centre Wales = SA10 7DR

This Friday the team is invited to pick up their new sponsored kit at Trade Centre Wales. There will be BBQ for players and parents, with the event starting at 6:00 and finishing by 9:00. We will be the only Mumbles side there, but there will be several others from all over South Wales and from different age groups.

Meet 6:00 at Trade Centre Wales. Take the first Neath turn off the A465 and continue left onto the Neath Abbey Road roundabout. Turn left again onto New Road, and second left on Monastery Road down to Trade Centre Wales. Directions HERE.

Any questions drop a txt or email to Mike (07846 334962,

Hope to see you there. Training starts next week.

Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Season - New Kit! - New Players - New rules

Some news to wake you from your summer slumbers. We have a new kit launch, and are getting our plans together for training, and for new players. First up, the Kit...

Thanks go to Luca's mum's poetry skills! Kathy has won the team a whole new kit. Sponsored by Trade Centre Wales. They have been able to keep our old Wildcatz design, so we should be able to integrate the two and that should then last us hopefully for another two seasons. Given that kit is by far our major expense this is great news for the team. Not only that, but we are invited to the kit launch - at Neath - including a BBQ for players and parents on Friday 19th August (18:00 - 21:00). This will be a fun evening, as new kit will be presented to 20 teams from all over Wales. Teamer invite will be sent soon. And full details of the venue nearer the time.

Training Plans
We believe it is important the the boys have a proper break and play other sports than rugby over the summer. But we also realise they have to cope with new laws before the matches start. So this season we are trying something new. A nice long break - up until the end of August - then we will run at least 5 sessions in the run up to the start of the season on Sunday 4th September.

Here is a rough timetable. Please don't make plans around this as the exact details are likely to change. All session are at Underhill Park

25th August (Thursday): Training 10:00.
27th August (Saturday) Junior Fun Day at the Park (before Cracker 7s on Sunday). BBQ, fun and games, and some training. Starting about 10:00. (More details of this to follow - we need volunteers to run the wellie throwing and boules, or any other kind of stall).
29th (Monday): Training 10:00
31st (Wednesday): Training 10:00
2nd September (Friday): Training 10:00
4th September (Sunday): First Match

Please don't worry if you are away and can't make these sessions. We like to see the players develop over the course of the whole season rather than over coaching in the summer.

New Players
We have had several enquiries to join the team, and there should be a few places. Players will be invited to join in the order they contacted us. However any new players are welcome to join in the pre-season training (end of August) sessions to see if they enjoy the game. Although when the season starts we are restricted to a certain number we find that a 'taster' helps the waiting list move as quickly as possible.

If anyone is interested - or if you know of anyone - please ask them to drop a line to Mike so we know the order (

Last if not least...New Laws for u10s:
No kicking at all (not even drop outs to restart).
No lineouts
No ripping
No mauling
Rucks are introduced: after a tackle only 1 player on each team may contest the ball. This includes the tackler (if they remain on their feet or get back on their feet) or the tackled player (if he gets back on his feet). ie: if the tackler gets back on his feet and tries to jackal the ball - no one else can join the ruck. Or if someone joins the ruck before the tackler gets on his feet - he must roll away and can't join in.
Conversions from in front of the posts

Monday, 20 June 2011


From Mike, Matt, Ian and Mikey for all your kind words, gift and support over the long season.

The presentation movie file can be accessed at the link below. I am not sure how well it works, because it is a very big file. But there are a few discs and usb sticks doing the rounds. If anyone would like a copy please let me know whether you want the file (MPEG) or if you want a DVD please let me know if you need a DVD+ or DVD- (some players only play discs of one type).

Click HERE

or copy this link into your browser. You will need some programme that will read MPEG files (like quicktime for example).

Friday, 17 June 2011

Presentation Evening!

Coming up on Monday 20th June - don't miss it.

Six o'clock at the clubhouse.

Friday, 10 June 2011

Parents night out!

Don't forget the parent's night out this Saturday (11th June).

Meet at 8:00 at the Salt Bar.

Later at the Yacht Club, with live music from the Contenders (free entry).

See you there. Mike

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

End of season Events

No more training this year. A rest for all concerned after another good long season.

We have two more events to tie everything up though. Presentation night at the club and a parents night out.

Parents night out has been proposed for Saturday 11th June. The plan is to meet for a drink at 8:00 in Mumbles, in the SALT BAR, followed by The Contenders at the Yacht Club at about 10:00. I will send out teamer details asap.

Team Presentation night is CONFIRMED for Monday 20th June at the Rugby Club at 6:00.

Monday, 16 May 2011

Team Photo - this Wednesday

We would like to get a team photo of the Whole Squad. Can all players please meet at Underhill Park this Wednesday at 4:30, wearing their Mumbles Kit. Even if you can't stay for long it would be great if all the boys can be together for the photo - as we will then give out framed team photos at our end of season do.

After the photo we will have a final training session, for those who can stay. Next week we will look to organise our last event of the season.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Post Season

Thanks to everyone for helping out on Saturday, and making it a successful end of season event.

There is training this Wednesday and throughout May. 4:30 at underhill. We will also get togather for a team photo at some point, and for a presentation night at the club. Dates to be announced.

We will also have a parents night out. Dates to be confirmed.

Wednesday, 4 May 2011


One last push....the final games of the season will take place this SATURDAY at UNDERHILL PARK. We are hosting two touring sides: Gwernyfed (also bringing 8s, 10s, 11s) and Ruthin (also bringing 12s). So there will be a festival atmosphere at Underhill Park. The Mumbles 7s are organising a BBQ and drinks, but the Wildcats will also be running a cake stall and the lottery, so any help on the day would be really appreciated.

To help get things set up, and because we need to make a prompt start to the games (so we can be off the pitches for the cricket at 12:30 and so people can get to the Swans if they want) please meet at the park at 10:00. First game against Gwernyfed will KO at 10:30. The game against Ruthin at 11:00.

If we get some nice weather and a good turnout this should be an ideal way to end the season.

Saturday, 30 April 2011

Plans for tomorrow

Just to clarify a few things for tomorrow.

We have about 20 boys going, and a 50 seater coach, so there will be guaranteed room for 1 supporter. Given our usual turnouts, then we'll have place for most people who want to bring 2 supporters if you want. Best to confirm with Mike (07846 334 962) if 2 parents are coming so I can keep an eye on numbers.

The price is £20 per payer. That's it. Supporters come free. And it includes travel and lasertag. We do spoil you don't we? It does not include food after Lasertag. We will have hotdogs at Cowbridge, but I suggest bringing a picnic to keep us all going.

We have a few places (6 or 7) at Lasertag for parents to join in if they want to. Let Mike know if you are up for it and bring some rough clothes and shoes. We will ask if we can tag parents in and out if lots of you really want a crack at the boys.

Meet the coach at 9:30 outside Mumbles Rugby Club.

We will be home by 17:30.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Easter Weekend

No training this week sorry - the weather has been just too good!

Plenty of things happening at Mumbles RFC this weekend. Our LASERTAG TOUR ON SUNDAY of course. (Meet coach 9:30 at Club, details below). But here's some more events at your club that you might be interested in coming along to...

Thursday: Mumbles Under 15's host French visiting team. KO 6pm Underhill

Friday: THE CONTENDERS at the clubhouse celebrating the royal wedding. Free entry from 8pm.

Saturday: To celebrate Mumbles RFC 1st team final home game of the season a full programme of events has been organised at Underhill. There will be BBQs, Beer Tents and more - the ideal way to spend your Bank Holiday Saturday in the sun!
12:00 Under 14s play a touring side from Nottingham
13:00 The Youth play South Gower
14.30 the senior first team then take on Crymych in a top of the table clash. Both teams can still win the league and Mumbles will be looking for a monumental effort to beat Crymych in front of a healthy home crowd.

Sunday: Cowbridge and Lasertag Jolly

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

End of season laser tag and Cowbridge!

We have a great turn out for Sunday. Here is the plan...

Meet at Mumbles Rugby Club at 9:30. We are travelling by coach.
Arrival at Cowbridge RFC approx 10:30.
Match vs Cowbridge at 11:00
Hotdogs at Cowbridge RFC 12:00. Leave 13:30.
LaserTag (very close to Cowbridge) 14:00 - 16:00.
Return to Mumbles by 17:30.

Cost is £20 per player. Please bring cash on the day.
There will be an option for food (chips etc) after lasertag, but alternatively you can bring snacks for the whole day, as we will not be arriving back home late.
Please bring a change of clothes (track suit etc) as boys can be muddy after lasertag and won't be allowed back on the bus!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Easter Break

A well earned rest for the Wildcats over Easter. No training this Wednesday (20th) and no rugby on Easter Sunday. We will try to get back together next week for a session before our Cowbridge trip on the 1st May. We have a great turn out for the lasertag so it is a day to look forward to.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

Lucton Report

Well done to all the Lucton travellers on an inspiring performance today. It was a long way, it was hot, the rules were new, the opposition was tough but you have done Mumbles proud.

Playing English rules, with full rucking and mauling was always going to be tough and the lads struggled in the first match against Stourbridge, losing 1 - 3. It looked like it would be a long and hard day ahead, but it proved to be their only loss of the whole day, with Stourbridge ending up as eventual winners. The boys improved with every match, and after superb performances against Lucton, Pentyrch and Hereford, Mumbles finished second in their group and entered the Cup knock out for the top 4 teams. The highlight of the day was the semi final against the other group winners, Gwernyfed. A very strong and big side, Gwernyfed took a 2-0 lead in the first half. But Mumbles didn't lose heart, and dominated the second half. A great game ended 2-2. With no extra time, the Wildcats lost out on a place in the Cup final on tries scored in the group stages. A great disappointment, as the boys were dying for another crack at Stourbridge now that they had started to understand the rules. A bittersweet ending was helped by a very complimentary Gwernyfed outfit. We were pleased to see the sporting scenes between the teams at the end and we will be able to renew the competition when Gwernyfed come to Mumbles on tour on 7th May.

Well done everyone - you could not have given more.

Friday, 15 April 2011

Lucton Travel Plans

We have a squad of 10 for Lucton (it is 9 a side in England). Here are the travel plans - please txt me if there are any last minute changes (07846 334 962).

Meet at the Car Park by the beach (and Ashleigh Road golf course) at the lights on Mumbles Road at bottom of sketty lane at 08:20. We will leave in Convoy at 08:30.

Our destination is Luctonians Sports Club. The postcode for satnav is HR6 9SB. We will drive up through Brecon towards Leominster. The club is in Kingsland.

Car Sharing plan is:
Matt + Cam/Mike/Mike
Ian + Sam/Arthur/Mike/Tom
Cathy + Luca/Tom R
Helen's sister + Helen/Dylan
Caryn + Ethan/Luke/Nita
Tal + Lloyd/Hergeet/Harry
Martin + Dunc

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

No Training Wednesday

Coaches are unavailable this Wednesday. So no training. We will try and get the Lucton squad together at some point just to go over the different rules.

We have a break from games over the next couple of weeks, but we will try and fit in some training over the Easter to keep the lads busy (on Wednesdays, time to be confirmed).

We are going to car share for Lucton, as we have a small squad and it is not worth getting the coach. I will be contacting the team over the next couple of days just to confirm who is going with whom.

Sunday, 10 April 2011

Farnham Visit

A real advert for rugby this weekend. Well organised by South Gower, and with lovely visitors from Farnham. Chatting with the coaches, they were incredibly complimentary about 2 things: the standard of rugby was much higher than they expected, and the sporting behaviour on and off the pitch from players and parents was fantastic. This is exactly what end of season junior rugby events should be all about. Thanks go to our hosts, the weather, the visitors and everyone who took part.

This week - keep an eye out for Lucton Travel plans.

Thursday, 7 April 2011

Details for the SATURDAY games

Some details for those coming to play Farnham at South Gower this Saturday. Meet at 9:00 prompt. We should be finished by 12:00.

Parking: as you know it is always busy at South Gower, and for this event they have had to close the small car park at the ground. Unless you are very early, we expect that most easy parking around the ground will be taken. South Gower have been warned that parking attendants will be there, so be careful. We suggest that you share cars and drive up to the top of the lane (by the shops) and drop off the passengers then find a parking spot - Bishopston Primary School will be opening its car park for the day if you can't find anywhere else.

Directions to South Gower playing fields HERE. Down Pwll Du Lane, just passed the Post office on the corner of Bishopston Road and Pyle Road.

Sunday, 3 April 2011

Up Coming Events

Many apologies for this morning. We did not get cancellation until gone 9:30. In the end our training game proved as competitive as any we have had this season. There was some superb passing on display, and commitment from everyone. It was also great to see the lads rub shoulders with 3 of the u11 Crusaders who also had a very late cancellation and happily joined in the action.

The season is drawing to a close and we have some really interesting events coming up. Please put them in your diaries. Don't worry if you can't make all these events, however I would like to highlight Sunday MAY 1st as our end of season fun day - where we hope to get as many of the boys together as possible. Also please try and use teamer for all events, so we know how many boys to expect.

Next Saturday, we play Farnham at South Gower. The time table is as follows. (Players are invited to all matches - or can do early / later games if they have other commitments).

Meet SG at 9:00
9:30 Mumbles vs Farnham 2
10:30 Mumbles vs Farnham 1
11:30 Mumbles vs Farnham 4

Sunday 17th April. LUCTON TOURNAMENT. Meet coach at Mumbles rugby club at 08:00. 2 Hour trip to Lucton (near Ludlow). Expected return at 18:30. Expected cost £20 per player. Please let us know if you intend to travel separately to the coach.

Sunday 24th April - Day off!

Sunday 1st May - End of season fun day. Cowbridge day out and laser tag event.

Saturday 7th May - Hosting Gwernyfed at Underhill Park. Rugby in the morning, starting at 10:00. BBQ for lunch.

That will be the end of weekend rugby. Wednesday training, and summer multi-sports (ragga anyone?) will continue throughout May and June at 4:30 Underhill Park.

Any questions - see you at training on Wednesdays.

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Sunday Match

This Sunday we have a home match against Bryncoch. It is Mother's Day, so we are going for an early start (if that makes sense) so we can be wrapped up nice and early if people have plans for the day. Meet 10:00 prompt for KO before 10:30.

Sunday, 27 March 2011

Pontardawe - Match report

On a firm pitch in glorious sunshine we entertained Pontardawe this morning. The instructions for the WildCats were to concentrate on tackling low, putting pressure on the opposition and passing the ball if a fellow WildCat was in a better position. There are signs that these are happening more and more as each game passes. Pontardawe offered a good pick and drive game and to a certain extent face the frustrations we do in that they had some fine fast players who were lined up well in the backs but the ball rarely gets out wide. However the Wildcats all round game was a little strong for the visitors today and we eventually ran out winners by 8 tries to 3. Scorers for the WildCats were Ethan, Josh R, Ike (2), Owen, Harry and Luca (2).

Friday, 25 March 2011

Sunday: Pontardawe at home and CLOCKS!

Don't forget Clocks go forward tonight - one hour less in bed!

A nice home match for the Wildcats this Sunday. Pontardawe at Bishopston. Meet 10:30.

Thursday, 24 March 2011

Wildcats turn out for School

Three of the Wildcats had a taste of school rugby this week. It is quite unusual in year 4, but Duncan, Lloyd and Luca did the Wildcats proud this week playing a full cup game for Grange. It also turned out to be an extremely hard game, played against almost all year 6 boys in a big, strong Lon Las side, with full rugby rules, including rucks, mauls, contested lineouts, scrums and handoffs! Well done to the lads for not being overawed, despite spending virtually the whole game defending.

Let us know if any of the boys turn out for their school. School rugby is not as big as it used to be. Most schools only play a couple of games a season so it is always fun to play with different players for a change, across age groups, and with boys who play for different clubs.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Loughor Match Report

A squad of fourteen took on the U9's from Loughor this morning. A great match was played out between the two and a very close encounter it proved.

From the touchline there were some fine tries from both teams with players using the wide pitch to use pace to score. It was also pleasing to see the WildCats passing a bit more. One try especially was magnificent where the ball went through a couple of pairs of hands with Luca eventually touching down.

Once again the boys played with great pride and passion and the game plan worked. Ferocious tackling, pressure on the opposition and passing remains key to winning games at this level.

The final outcome was 5 - 6 in the WildCats favour. Scores today were Lloyd (2), Ethan, Josh R, Luca and Ike.

We look forward to playing Loughor again in another close encounter.

Friday, 18 March 2011

End of season plans

Some dates for your diary for the end of season. All players invited to all events.

Sunday 17th April - Lucton Tour. A full day out on the coach

Sunday 1st May - Cowbridge and Lasertag - don't miss it! The lads big day out.

SATURDAY 7th May - Hosting the minis touring teams from Gwernyfed (need volunteers for the BBQ at Underhill)

Note we will not be going to the Penclawdd tournament this year. Plenty of end of season activity to look forward to though.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

Loughor Away

This Sunday - Loughor Away.

Meet Loughor RFC at 10:30.

Directions can be found here: Belgrave Road, Loughor, SA4 6RF.

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Fall Bay - Match Report

A game of two halves!

It was clear from the outset that Fall Bay were a very, very well disciplined team. They were very well organised in defence and knew how to attack too. We were up against it first half and found it difficult to cope with the varied tactics of Fall Bay. Sometimes they pick and drove through the middle, sometimes they took the ball wide and tested us there. We found it difficult to cope with this and as a result, went in at the break 4 tries to 2 down.

After giving the boys three points to tighten up on; first up tackles, pushing up and putting Fall Bay under pressure, and running onto the ball not taking it standing still, they boys set out on the biggest comeback they have ever staged.

We were particularly pleased they raised their game. First up tackles were more aggressive, pressure on the Fall Bay players was big, and we were putting more pace on the game with our runs. There are also signs of players using their rugby brains and passing the ball to players who are in more space; this is the way forward for the WildCats!

At the final whistle, the score was WildCats 7, Fall Bay 4 (we scored 5 unanswered tries second half - credit to the whole team for this!)

Our tries were scored by; Sam, Cam (2), Ike, Ethan and Luca (3).

Well done boys, a real team effort today - you all had to listen and use the tactics given to you and responded brilliantly!

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Home match this Sunday

A visit from Fall Bay this weekend. Meet at Bishopston at 10:00.

Monday, 7 March 2011

Comedy and coaching

Training as usual 4:30 Wednesday

Some upcoming events at your rugby club...

A seminar by Tony Thomas on Game Sense for all coaches and and prospective new coaches. Wed 9th March 6.30 for 7.00 start.
Comedy night Friday 11th March 8.00 for 8.30 £10.00 on the night or £8.00 before, tickets from Skinny or Paul Hill.

Sunday, 6 March 2011

Penclawdd - Match Report

A last gasp try from Dylan (who told me it was the only time he touched the ball) secured a draw this morning at a sunny Penclawdd.

We had 17 players this morning, Penclawdd had their full compliment of 10 players so it was decided to play two halves of 10 a-side. It's always frustrating when players don't get a full game. However sometimes this can't be helped.

We were guilty today of not passing. From the touchline it's clear that we have many players out wide ready to run in the try unopposed. However the player who receives it from the scrum half doesn't pass it on. Two points here; the player needs to see if a pass is on, and equally the player outside needs to tell that player they are ready and want the pass. We also need to bring back a skill we had developed last season which is running on to the ball when receiving it. More times than not, we get the ball standing still, then start running. It's much harder to stop a player who is already running! Remember, it's equally, if not more important to pass the ball on to a player who is in a better position than you. Rugby is a team game!

Besides those point which we will work on, there were some great positives as usual. Tackling remains a strong point (I don't often single players out but Cam was immense today!). Our elusive running is also a strong point, we must use this to our advantage in all games!

The final score was 5 tries each. Ours were scored by Dunc, Cam (2), Luca and with the last play of the match, Dylan.

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Penclawdd Sunday

Match for all at Penclawdd this Sunday. Meet at 10:00 for 10:30 KO.

Ground is through Penclawdd, on the left side of the road up on a bank. It is surrounded by big fence and overlooks the estuary.

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Sunday Report

After all the rain it was great to make the trip to Gorseinon to find a pitch in perfect condition and two sides waiting to play the Wildcats. Given that Underhill Park is currently suitable only for competitive bog snorkelling this was a bonus. First up were the home side and in a very open game there were plenty of tries on offer for everyone in the team. There was some very unselfish play from the boys, with players looking for the pass and creating space for others to score. The second game was a very hard fought match against Waunarlwydd. Tries were hard to come by on both sides with defences being very strong, leading to lots of turnovers and a very tense match. The result hung in the balance for what seemed like an age, with the Wildcats defending a 1 try advantage, after tries from Luca, Ethan and Owen, until with the last play of the game Sam sneaked in at the corner.

All in all a great morning's rugby, played and reffed in the right spirit. Thanks to Matthew and his side for setting up the 3-way, despite being short of a few of their regular lads. We are lucky to have two keen local teams in Gorseinon and Waun with whom we look forward to renewing our rivalry next season.

Saturday, 26 February 2011

Gorseinon Match - ON

This Sunday a match for the whole squad at Gorseinon. Waun will also be there so another plenty of rugby again. We have had a pitch update from our host and it is currently fine, so the matches should go ahead without problem tomorrow.

Directions: Lots of ways of getting to Gorseinon. The rugby ground is very central. Take the route either through Gowerton, or through forestfach, the turn of the A484 at the 'Wave' and 'Swansea Sound' roundabout. Go along Victoria Road then West Street into the centre of Gorseinon. Just before the cross roads at the centre of Gorseinon take a right turn off West Street into a side road. This takes you round to the right to the sports ground. Take care with a bit of a one way system.

Meet 10:00.

Wednesday, 23 February 2011

End of Season Plans

Amidst the rain we have some good news. It may be a few months away but here is a date for your diaries...Sunday 1st May
The Wildcats end of season event will be a 'mini tour' to the Vale of Glamorgan. We will take a coach in the morning to Cowbridge, where we will play a couple of matches against the local Cowbridge under 9s. After lunch we will take the lads to the nearby Task Force outdoor LaserTag where they can spend the afternoon shooting each other (or the coaches). An ideal way to end the season I am sure you will agree.

I will send a teamer out soon, so everyone has plenty of warning. I will need to know final numbers pretty soon, so we can organise transport etc. This is an approximate schedule for the day:

Meet coach at Mumbles Rugby Club 10:00 Sunday 1st May
Arrive Cowbridge and warm up. Play between 11:30 - 12:30
Hot Dogs back at the Cowbridge Clubhouse
14:00 leave Cowbridge on Coach to Task Force
14:30 Arrive Task Force for instructions. LaserTag between 15:00-17:00.
Depart TaskForce 17:00. Arrive back in Mumbles 18:00.

We expect the cost for the day will be about £20 per player (subsidised) including transport. I hope everyone can make it. The Laser Tag is a fantastic outdoor activity for the lads who aren't quite old enough for paintball. Details can be found here.

Monday, 21 February 2011

Training OFF

No chance at Underhill today. All training is called off due to waterlogged pitch.

We might try and squeeze another session in to run off some half term energy if the weather improves later in the week.

Plan for the weekend - everyone at Gorseinon.

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Swansea Uplands - Match Reports

We are lucky that we have such a strong club in Swansea Uplands who have similar numbers to us. This enables us to stage two matches against them, with all players getting a full match which undoubtedly helps develop match confidence and gives experience.

The sides were split as follows;

Arthur, Tom H, Kieran, Jack, Harry, Josh B, Myles, and Luke
Dylan, Luca, Ethan, Fin, Sam, Duncan, Cam and Josh R

I was lucky enough to watch both games. Both were equally dogged affairs, with players on both teams showing moments of great skill and flair. As we can always expect from Uplands, they play a fine game. Their passing skills and off loading are very impressive and we should learn from them.

However due to sheer determination and passion I am proud to say we came out victorious in both matches. Both sets of players played out of their skins and gave everything. We should be proud of the performances.

Try scorers today were Arthur, Harry (2), Myles and Luke (2); they won 6-4
Dylan (3), Luca, Ethan, Sam, Duncan and Josh R; they won 8-6

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Sunday Match

Easy plans for this weekend. Everyone at home at Bishopston for the Swansea Uplands visit. The Ups can always be relied upon to bring plenty of players so loads of rugby for all.

Meet at 10:00 for a 10:30 KO. The Pirates will be playing after us, so we need a prompt start. Hotdogs back at the clubhouse afterwards.

Fingers crossed for good weather.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

All Games at Bishopston OFF

Such a shame with one of our favourite fixtures of the year. Hope to re-arrange with Gowerton another time.

Training Wednesday - weather permitting. 4:30 Underhill as usual.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Home match for all this Sunday

This Sunday we are playing Gowerton at home. They have large numbers so we hope to play two games simultaneously to maximise game time. The teamer invites have gone out, so please let us know so we know the numbers to expect. It will be a busy morning at Bishopston so we'll plan to go back to the clubhouse for hotdogs afterwards as well.

We are sharing a pitch with the under 10s, so we need to finish in good time for them to get their matches underway. We will be playing on the larger pitch next to the tennis courts (rather than the usual junior pitch).

Meet Bishopston at 10:00 for a 10:30 prompt Kick Off.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Sunday Report

A great effort this weekend for the Wildcats to field two sides, even with a couple of people away and a couple of injuries. The reward was no subs and a full game all round. With such a big squad we are used to rotating so many players on and off that the boys never know when they are coming or going. Today they could get focused on the game and all got hands on the ball and really involved.

At Bish, we welcomed Waunarlwydd for the first time at our age group. Terry turned up with a great bunch of lads and it is good for local rugby to have another strong team on the scene. Today the boys were on top form, extremely strong in the tackle and clinical with the finish. I couldn't fault the performance, or single anyone out as they all put in such an effort from beginning to end. Ethan, Josh, Josh, Ike, Arthur, Luca, Dylan, Lloyd, well done all. The score line did not reflect the competitive nature of the game, played in good spirits throughout despite a couple of knocks on both side. We hope to fit in another game with Waun later in the season.

At Morriston, Ian took the field with Myles, Kieran, Sam, Duncan, Fin, Tom R, Owen, Jack, Harry and Tom H. We had a new, and very experienced, set of eyes cast upon the team this morning, as Dan from the 11s had to step in and referee. The boys should be very pleased with their performance, as I heard nothing but praise from Dan afterwards. He was most impressed with the amount of passing from such a young team, and (which is surely rare) enjoyed his time reffing a game that was a great advert for Sunday morning rugby, and the new pathway rules for the minis.

Two games, and two hard fought wins is just what we hoped for. Well done to whole squad.

Training Wednesday 4:30 as usual.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Sunday Squads

OK. Weather hitting us again but two matches organised for this Sunday. We need a good turn out for this to work so please try and make it if you can.

Vs. Waunarlwydd at Bishopston meet 10:00
Tom R
Josh R

Vs. Morriston Away Meet there at 10:30
The clubhouse (SA6 6JS) is just off Chemical Road, on Heol Gwernen. The playing fields are on the right just before clubhouse. Map here:
Josh B
Tom H

Monday, 31 January 2011

Sunday Plans - Two Matches, Split Squad


Sorry about this one. As we are restricted to the area under the lights by the changing rooms we have had to make a call and training is off due to the rain. Although there are parts of the park that are firm, after inspecting this area earlier today it is not fit for training at the moment, especially if the rain continues as forecast.

Details for this weekend to follow.

With the disappointment of the bad weather continuing we have confirmed 2 matches for next Sunday. Half will play Waunarlwydd and half will play Morriston. This is the ideal chance for a full match for everyone - but will only work if we have a good turn out.

Please let me know during the week if you are going to be unavailable, or would like help with arranging lifts etc... It is set to warm up a little towards the end of the week, so GAME ON!

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Sunday Plans: Bonymaen at home

Weather update: obviously some chance of frost in the morning. But the game is ON until you hear otherwise by teamer or on this blog.

Great training session tonight lads. Remember: Nice LOW Body Position for pick and drive in attack and defence.

Slight change of plan this Sunday. And a bit complicated. Hopefully this will work and we are at home so not much travelling. Meet Bishopston at 10:15.

Details: Last week at SG we ended up with more boys there than originally planned. So we will pick predominantly from those who missed last week, but will send invites out to the whole squad. All other players will get some game time, and a training session.

Main squad for Sunday:
Josh B
Tom H

Rolling subs from everyone else. Everyone who comes will have some game time.

Advanced warning for the following week (6th Feb): 2 matches and split squad so three line whip!

Sunday, 23 January 2011

South Gower - Match report

At the beginning of the match we asked for three things to be concentrated on. These were making sure we didn't get offside at the tackle line, don't throw wild, loose passes and don't run into touch. We were delighted that the boys listened to these instructions and carried out these tactics.

The main difference between the two sides today was the tackling. Simply, South Gower were able to tackle our runners, whereas we were unable to stop them from picking and driving up the middle of the pitch at key moments.

However this does not detract from some great play from the boys. We once again prove we are capable of scoring lovely tries and passing. Tries today were scored by Josh, Cam, Lloyd and Ike. Considering we were 3-1 down at half time we did very well to come back, however a strong final few minutes from South Gower saw them scoring 2 late tries to make the final score 6-4.

Well done boys, progress was made today, and a valuable lesson learnt.

Coming up: Training on Wednesday 4:30 Underhill. Home match next Sunday (Bonymaen).

Friday, 21 January 2011

Sunday Match Plans

We couldn't come up with a second fixture this weekend, so we have the following plan for the next couple of weeks. This Sunday there is obviously a risk of frost, meaning possible cancellation or waiting around for ground to soften. After the cold and wet at Dunvant last week we don't want too many players hanging round on the touchline. So we will therefore split the squad. Those not playing against South Gower will be first choice next weekend at home against Bonymaen. The following weekend we already have 2 fixtures confirmed. So hopefully everyone will get 2 matches out of 3 and everyone will play a large part in each game with no standing around.

Teamer invites for this Sunday have now gone out - please reply with availability. These boys are to meet at South Gower RFC at 10:30:

Josh R
Tom R

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Training Wednesday

Training 4:30 at Underhill.

Please try and arrive in good time so we can make the most of the light.

Hoping to split squad on Sunday and have 2 matches - Please let us know if you are NOT available this weekend.

Sunday, 16 January 2011

Dunvant Match Report

A good old fashioned battle in the rain and mud for the Wildcats this morning. As expected Dunvant came looking for revenge and again took the early lead. This time the game remained close throughout, and with no chance for the flyers on the slow slippery pitch each yard was hard fought. Everyone put in tackles and again the small difference between the sides was the Mumbles defence making tackles behind the gain line. A few key moments to highlight: pick and drive from Josh, Myles and Owen, excellent controlled passing in difficult conditions from Arthur at scrum half and crunching tackles from Cam. Champagne moment was Harry's try, bulldozing in at the corner when it looked like the defence had the line covered. Other scores came from Josh (3), Cam, Luca and Sam. The most pleasing aspect of the performance for the coaches was the contribution throughout the squad, with everyone remaining focused in the cold and rain, and finishing strongly after a 2-2 mid third. Final score 7-4. Thanks again to Dunvant for warm welcome and for putting on the match when the weekend was a washout all over Swansea.

Things to work on: Still creeping offside at the tackle. We want everyone to press forward in defence, but too many penalties!

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Sunday - Dunvant the Return


This Sunday - back at Dunvant. Meet there at 10:00

So far the game is on - but any more rain and a cancellation is likely. Keep an eye on the Blog and Teamer for any updates first thing in the morning.

They'll be looking for revenge so the boys need to take the lessons from their second half performance last week.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Match Report - Dunvant - 9th January

It was a Happy New Year this morning for the Wild Cats! As can always be expected, Dunvant will be well organised and give us a great game. We were lucky this morning that Dunvant wanted to play three thirds of ten minutes. Given we had 17 players for the WildCats it meant we could try to give all boys an equal share of time on the pitch.

We started the game slowly. The team for the first third were slow to get into the game, and didn't respond to some fine running by the Dunvant players. However at the end of that third the score was 3-1 to Dunvant. After a right roasting some advice from Mike and Ian, the next third was visibly different.

The main change saw the boys putting loads of pressure on Dunvant players. We didn't let them get a head of steam up in attack, and "got in their faces" in defence. The key to the second (and third) thirds victory was pushing up in defence and making first up tackles. This makes the other team play "on the back foot" and gives us momentum.

The score for the second third was 0-4 to the WildCats.

The advice for the last third was the same, keep the pressure up, push up in the defensive line and make the tackles. The boys did exactly that which was great from a coaching point of view. The score for that third was 1-4 meaning the overall score was 4-9 to the WildCats.

Scorers today were Lloyd (2), Duncan (1), Sam (1), Dylan (2), Josh R (3)

Also there were other great performances all round, its obvious from the sidelines that all players are gaining confidence and developing their skills. Fantastic to see, keep up the progress boys!

Friday, 7 January 2011

First Match of the Year

We were struggling for a fixture this Sunday, but luckily Dunvant have jumped in at the last minute and offered to host us.

Meet at 10:00 at the Broadacre ground. Directions here.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year Training

Back in action for the Wildcats this Wednesday.

Underhill Park 4:30 Under the Lights.