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Saturday, 27 August 2011


Thanks to everyone who could take part this morning. The boys are adjusting nicely to the new laws. Special thanks to Kathy for the massage sessions, which were very much appreciated after the stress of refereeing.

After a quick survey regarding bank holiday availability we will have our next training session next Tuesday, at the park at 10:00. Don't worry if you have commitments and can't make it. There is a long season ahead. We will try and fit one more session in before the first match next Sunday.

Gowerton are the hosts next week, and we can only take one team (they have squeezed us in alongside their Loughor fixture). If we can't arrange a second match we will have training for half the squad on Sunday at Underhill. This is our plan to avoid too much standing round as a substitute. We will rotate players and try and ensure equal match time for everyone over the season.