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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

New Season - New Kit! - New Players - New rules

Some news to wake you from your summer slumbers. We have a new kit launch, and are getting our plans together for training, and for new players. First up, the Kit...

Thanks go to Luca's mum's poetry skills! Kathy has won the team a whole new kit. Sponsored by Trade Centre Wales. They have been able to keep our old Wildcatz design, so we should be able to integrate the two and that should then last us hopefully for another two seasons. Given that kit is by far our major expense this is great news for the team. Not only that, but we are invited to the kit launch - at Neath - including a BBQ for players and parents on Friday 19th August (18:00 - 21:00). This will be a fun evening, as new kit will be presented to 20 teams from all over Wales. Teamer invite will be sent soon. And full details of the venue nearer the time.

Training Plans
We believe it is important the the boys have a proper break and play other sports than rugby over the summer. But we also realise they have to cope with new laws before the matches start. So this season we are trying something new. A nice long break - up until the end of August - then we will run at least 5 sessions in the run up to the start of the season on Sunday 4th September.

Here is a rough timetable. Please don't make plans around this as the exact details are likely to change. All session are at Underhill Park

25th August (Thursday): Training 10:00.
27th August (Saturday) Junior Fun Day at the Park (before Cracker 7s on Sunday). BBQ, fun and games, and some training. Starting about 10:00. (More details of this to follow - we need volunteers to run the wellie throwing and boules, or any other kind of stall).
29th (Monday): Training 10:00
31st (Wednesday): Training 10:00
2nd September (Friday): Training 10:00
4th September (Sunday): First Match

Please don't worry if you are away and can't make these sessions. We like to see the players develop over the course of the whole season rather than over coaching in the summer.

New Players
We have had several enquiries to join the team, and there should be a few places. Players will be invited to join in the order they contacted us. However any new players are welcome to join in the pre-season training (end of August) sessions to see if they enjoy the game. Although when the season starts we are restricted to a certain number we find that a 'taster' helps the waiting list move as quickly as possible.

If anyone is interested - or if you know of anyone - please ask them to drop a line to Mike so we know the order (

Last if not least...New Laws for u10s:
No kicking at all (not even drop outs to restart).
No lineouts
No ripping
No mauling
Rucks are introduced: after a tackle only 1 player on each team may contest the ball. This includes the tackler (if they remain on their feet or get back on their feet) or the tackled player (if he gets back on his feet). ie: if the tackler gets back on his feet and tries to jackal the ball - no one else can join the ruck. Or if someone joins the ruck before the tackler gets on his feet - he must roll away and can't join in.
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