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Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Sunday Plans: Bonymaen at home

Weather update: obviously some chance of frost in the morning. But the game is ON until you hear otherwise by teamer or on this blog.

Great training session tonight lads. Remember: Nice LOW Body Position for pick and drive in attack and defence.

Slight change of plan this Sunday. And a bit complicated. Hopefully this will work and we are at home so not much travelling. Meet Bishopston at 10:15.

Details: Last week at SG we ended up with more boys there than originally planned. So we will pick predominantly from those who missed last week, but will send invites out to the whole squad. All other players will get some game time, and a training session.

Main squad for Sunday:
Josh B
Tom H

Rolling subs from everyone else. Everyone who comes will have some game time.

Advanced warning for the following week (6th Feb): 2 matches and split squad so three line whip!