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Sunday, 16 January 2011

Dunvant Match Report

A good old fashioned battle in the rain and mud for the Wildcats this morning. As expected Dunvant came looking for revenge and again took the early lead. This time the game remained close throughout, and with no chance for the flyers on the slow slippery pitch each yard was hard fought. Everyone put in tackles and again the small difference between the sides was the Mumbles defence making tackles behind the gain line. A few key moments to highlight: pick and drive from Josh, Myles and Owen, excellent controlled passing in difficult conditions from Arthur at scrum half and crunching tackles from Cam. Champagne moment was Harry's try, bulldozing in at the corner when it looked like the defence had the line covered. Other scores came from Josh (3), Cam, Luca and Sam. The most pleasing aspect of the performance for the coaches was the contribution throughout the squad, with everyone remaining focused in the cold and rain, and finishing strongly after a 2-2 mid third. Final score 7-4. Thanks again to Dunvant for warm welcome and for putting on the match when the weekend was a washout all over Swansea.

Things to work on: Still creeping offside at the tackle. We want everyone to press forward in defence, but too many penalties!