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Sunday, 9 January 2011

Match Report - Dunvant - 9th January

It was a Happy New Year this morning for the Wild Cats! As can always be expected, Dunvant will be well organised and give us a great game. We were lucky this morning that Dunvant wanted to play three thirds of ten minutes. Given we had 17 players for the WildCats it meant we could try to give all boys an equal share of time on the pitch.

We started the game slowly. The team for the first third were slow to get into the game, and didn't respond to some fine running by the Dunvant players. However at the end of that third the score was 3-1 to Dunvant. After a right roasting some advice from Mike and Ian, the next third was visibly different.

The main change saw the boys putting loads of pressure on Dunvant players. We didn't let them get a head of steam up in attack, and "got in their faces" in defence. The key to the second (and third) thirds victory was pushing up in defence and making first up tackles. This makes the other team play "on the back foot" and gives us momentum.

The score for the second third was 0-4 to the WildCats.

The advice for the last third was the same, keep the pressure up, push up in the defensive line and make the tackles. The boys did exactly that which was great from a coaching point of view. The score for that third was 1-4 meaning the overall score was 4-9 to the WildCats.

Scorers today were Lloyd (2), Duncan (1), Sam (1), Dylan (2), Josh R (3)

Also there were other great performances all round, its obvious from the sidelines that all players are gaining confidence and developing their skills. Fantastic to see, keep up the progress boys!