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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Gowerton Match

Gowerton have one of the bigger squads in the area and are bringing 2 teams down to Bishopston on Sunday. The first KO is scheduled for 10:30, and the second for just after 11:00. Each squad needs to meet about 30 mins before KO.

Team Positions
Although we don't have formal positions at u10s, we are gradually moving towards a more structured game (15 a side begins in year 7). So we want players to think a little bit more about their position, where they should be on the pitch and what they should be doing. Even though it is fairly obvious where some lads will play we aim to move players around so they try different positions, and we also have to consider who else is in the team, so players must not think they are stuck with a role.
Forwards: defending close to the action of the tackle area, rucking, winning the ball off the floor
Half Backs: moving the ball away from the tackle area
Backs: Making a wider defensive line, looking to run into space

Gowerton Teams
A. Meet 10:00 for first game
Forwards: Jack, Owen, Harry, Myles, Tom H, Neil
Half Backs: Fin, Lloyd
Backs: Cam, Dylan, Danny

Gowerton Teams
B. Meet 10:45 for second game
Forwards: Josh, Tom R, Connor, Jacob, Kieran, TTS
Half Backs: Arthur, Luca
Backs: Sam, Ike, Ethan, Duncan