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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Club Membership

At the club AGM this year, and at the Junior Section meeting some changes to the membership rules for the club were agreed. The aim is to raise money to support increasing costs for the club, in the face of decreasing takings over the last few years. At present all subs go to the individual teams, and your £3.50 per month goes straight to the Wildcats account, and is only spent on the Wildcats. We will now be adding a club membership of £10 per player. This will apply across the whole junior section. In return the club will take over all Sunday home game catering, and provide our hotdogs and rolls, or other food as requested. We hope this will raise very useful funds for your club, and that at exactly £1 per week the Wildcats still offer very good value for money.

To keep the money separate we will collect the membership as cash. I'll be looking for a volunteer to tick everyone off over the next couple of weeks. I, or the junior Chairman will be happy to answer any questions.