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Sunday, 20 March 2011

Loughor Match Report

A squad of fourteen took on the U9's from Loughor this morning. A great match was played out between the two and a very close encounter it proved.

From the touchline there were some fine tries from both teams with players using the wide pitch to use pace to score. It was also pleasing to see the WildCats passing a bit more. One try especially was magnificent where the ball went through a couple of pairs of hands with Luca eventually touching down.

Once again the boys played with great pride and passion and the game plan worked. Ferocious tackling, pressure on the opposition and passing remains key to winning games at this level.

The final outcome was 5 - 6 in the WildCats favour. Scores today were Lloyd (2), Ethan, Josh R, Luca and Ike.

We look forward to playing Loughor again in another close encounter.