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Sunday, 6 March 2011

Penclawdd - Match Report

A last gasp try from Dylan (who told me it was the only time he touched the ball) secured a draw this morning at a sunny Penclawdd.

We had 17 players this morning, Penclawdd had their full compliment of 10 players so it was decided to play two halves of 10 a-side. It's always frustrating when players don't get a full game. However sometimes this can't be helped.

We were guilty today of not passing. From the touchline it's clear that we have many players out wide ready to run in the try unopposed. However the player who receives it from the scrum half doesn't pass it on. Two points here; the player needs to see if a pass is on, and equally the player outside needs to tell that player they are ready and want the pass. We also need to bring back a skill we had developed last season which is running on to the ball when receiving it. More times than not, we get the ball standing still, then start running. It's much harder to stop a player who is already running! Remember, it's equally, if not more important to pass the ball on to a player who is in a better position than you. Rugby is a team game!

Besides those point which we will work on, there were some great positives as usual. Tackling remains a strong point (I don't often single players out but Cam was immense today!). Our elusive running is also a strong point, we must use this to our advantage in all games!

The final score was 5 tries each. Ours were scored by Dunc, Cam (2), Luca and with the last play of the match, Dylan.