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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Swansea Uplands - Match Reports

We are lucky that we have such a strong club in Swansea Uplands who have similar numbers to us. This enables us to stage two matches against them, with all players getting a full match which undoubtedly helps develop match confidence and gives experience.

The sides were split as follows;

Arthur, Tom H, Kieran, Jack, Harry, Josh B, Myles, and Luke
Dylan, Luca, Ethan, Fin, Sam, Duncan, Cam and Josh R

I was lucky enough to watch both games. Both were equally dogged affairs, with players on both teams showing moments of great skill and flair. As we can always expect from Uplands, they play a fine game. Their passing skills and off loading are very impressive and we should learn from them.

However due to sheer determination and passion I am proud to say we came out victorious in both matches. Both sets of players played out of their skins and gave everything. We should be proud of the performances.

Try scorers today were Arthur, Harry (2), Myles and Luke (2); they won 6-4
Dylan (3), Luca, Ethan, Sam, Duncan and Josh R; they won 8-6