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Friday, 15 April 2011

Lucton Travel Plans

We have a squad of 10 for Lucton (it is 9 a side in England). Here are the travel plans - please txt me if there are any last minute changes (07846 334 962).

Meet at the Car Park by the beach (and Ashleigh Road golf course) at the lights on Mumbles Road at bottom of sketty lane at 08:20. We will leave in Convoy at 08:30.

Our destination is Luctonians Sports Club. The postcode for satnav is HR6 9SB. We will drive up through Brecon towards Leominster. The club is in Kingsland.

Car Sharing plan is:
Matt + Cam/Mike/Mike
Ian + Sam/Arthur/Mike/Tom
Cathy + Luca/Tom R
Helen's sister + Helen/Dylan
Caryn + Ethan/Luke/Nita
Tal + Lloyd/Hergeet/Harry
Martin + Dunc