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Saturday, 30 April 2011

Plans for tomorrow

Just to clarify a few things for tomorrow.

We have about 20 boys going, and a 50 seater coach, so there will be guaranteed room for 1 supporter. Given our usual turnouts, then we'll have place for most people who want to bring 2 supporters if you want. Best to confirm with Mike (07846 334 962) if 2 parents are coming so I can keep an eye on numbers.

The price is £20 per payer. That's it. Supporters come free. And it includes travel and lasertag. We do spoil you don't we? It does not include food after Lasertag. We will have hotdogs at Cowbridge, but I suggest bringing a picnic to keep us all going.

We have a few places (6 or 7) at Lasertag for parents to join in if they want to. Let Mike know if you are up for it and bring some rough clothes and shoes. We will ask if we can tag parents in and out if lots of you really want a crack at the boys.

Meet the coach at 9:30 outside Mumbles Rugby Club.

We will be home by 17:30.