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Thursday, 22 January 2009

Sunday (25th) Training !!MOVED TO CASWELL!!

WIth all the rain last week and overnight, we run the risk of Underhill being cancelled at the last minute - or even being moved off the park in the middle to training by the Parky. Even if we are allowed, it will be a bog anyway. SO WE ARE TRAINING THIS MORNING ON THE SAND AT CASWELL BAY. MEET AT 10:00. It is easy to park and we play just in front of the steps, nice and close to the cafe for the parents!

It's usually a good alternative and we used it alot last year. The tide will be out. Only trainers are needed, not togs. Matthew and Ian will go straight to the beach to get set up, and Mike will go via the park and pick up any stragglers who didn't get the message in time. Patience appreciated as always. See you later.

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