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Sunday, 15 February 2009

Swansea Ups Report

An almost Springtime morning at Underhill and the the boys turned up for training to find Swansea Uplands warming up. The game was organised last minute by the 8s, but the ever keen Uplands brought their 7s with them and the Wildcats were more than happy to oblige. The boys seemed to thrive on the unexpected challenge and it brought out their best performance of the season. Uplands have just got the better of us in the two encounters so far this season, so it was a great effort to turn the tables this time. Any one of the boys could have been man of the match. Luca captained the side, on account of having a birthday 'quite soon', and led from the front as always with tries and tags. Tries came from Matz, Duncan, Ike, Tom Rees and Arthur as well. Players of the week are Tom Rees for his support play and try and Ike for his tagging and try. Owen picks up Champagne Moment for gallantly giving up a certain try opportunity by carefully avoiding a toddler who wandered out onto the pitch. What a gent. The coaches can confirm that he is not so forgiving with opposing players when they are in his way.

A half term training session will take place on Wednesday 10:00 at Underhill for those who are around.

Next Sunday Morriston Match OFF. Another fixture is being sought.

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