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Thursday, 3 December 2009

Two matches on Sunday (weather permitting)

It's been a little drier this week, so there is some chance of a match on Sunday. To make the most of it during this barren period, we have organised two away matches so everyone can play a full game. Mike will be taking a team to Penlan, directions HERE. and Matthew will be taking a team to Swansea Uplands, directions HERE. For both games please meet at the ground by 10:30. Any problems let Mike know as we might need to re-balance the teams if you are not coming.

As usual we will only have confirmation of cancellation early on Sunday morning. So keep an eye on the blog / text. In the (unlikely) event that only one match is going ahead, then ALL players will be invited to attend that venue.

Matthew's Swansea Uplands Squad: Tom R, Ethan, Cam, Owen, Luke, Duncan, Ike, Myles, Josh

Mike's Penlan Squad: Arthur, Dylan, Jacob, Connor, Eddie, Jamie, Tom Ch, Luca, Lloyd

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