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Friday, 15 January 2010

Penlan 6 Mumbles Wildcats 14

The Wildcats found one of the few grounds in Swansea fit to play rugby on this morning, thanks to the mountain top conditions at Mynydd Newydd. We had a warm welcome as always from Penlan, who generously agreed to a long match, despite being short of a few regular players. This allowed all the boys to get some game time, with Matthew providing the quadratic rolling subs formula. The boys were sharp on their return to action despite the traditional winter Monsoon/Christmas/Arctic break. They were mean in defence, and Arthur, Tom R, Dylan, Ethan, Sam (a hat-trick performance!), Duncan, Owen and Luke went over for scores. Also mentioned in dispatches are Jamie and Tom Ch for passing before contact, Luke for an outstanding tagging effort and Cam for shouting out to organise the defence. Myles once again served notice to the opposition that Mumbles will be ready for contact next season. Well done everyone, see you on Wednesday for Astroturf.

Coaching comment of the week: develop team work. In defence by spreading out, and in attack by looking to make a good pass.