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Thursday, 4 February 2010

Uplands Match Report

Another cracking fixture this morning, with the ever keen Uplands back in force. Paul's fine team clearly set the standard 2 weeks ago, and the boys knew what they were up against this time, responding with a committed display. Everyone should be proud of their performances, capped by a welcome return to action from Ike and a superb display on the wing from Dylan. Passing improved noticeably throughout the team, Myles getting on the end of a great move for a lovely try. But in such a physical encounter perhaps the highlight, and the last word in the game, went to Eddie, for finding the most direct route to the try line.

Coaching tip of the day: Do not be chopsy to the opposition.

Lottery - a Winner!
Thanks to everyone for helping with the lottery. As it is new, here are some details. This is very important for the junior section, as it is our only real fund-raising venture. Unlike many clubs, we don't have a bar next to the pitch where raffles etc usually take place. So if everyone can take a turn, on a home match, to go round the spectators, that would be very helpful for the team. We don't want it to be just the regulars chipping in, but rather make the most from the very large number of supporters that always come to Bishopston on a Sunday.

As an incentive, not only do we hope to build a very large jackpot, but the lottery was actually WON this afternoon! In only the second week, £125 went to a very happy member of the 1st XV. The prize next week should be bigger again.