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Sunday, 7 November 2010

Bont Report

Some lessons from Bont this morning in keeping the ball in attack, and not crowding around the scrum half. Remember that the ball cannot be stolen on the floor, so the team always retains the ball at the tackle. This gives the patient teams the chance to gradually move up the field. Also, if everyone is crowded around the tackle area we have no chance of moving the ball into space where our runners are strongest. Still, another big tackling practice session and the boys cannot be faulted here, committed as always. Without a few uncharacteristic turnovers the match could have gone either way, but Bont deserved the final score of 6-3. Tries coming from Josh, Luca and Owen. Again the reaction of the boys is showing some real maturity. I didn't hear any complaints. The boys took it in their stride and will be hungry for more next week.

The match will be at home at Bishopston next Sunday, with Morriston the visitors, and with their big squad we plan for 2 matches. Training under lights on Wednesday. 4:30 - 5:30.