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Wednesday, 21 November 2012

Uplands Match - OFF

Don't forget training at Astroturf this Friday 4:30

Unsurprisingly the match is OFF tomorrow. No chance of play with the pitches soaked.

On Fridays we are going to stick to Astroturf EVERY WEEK. It worked well sharing with the u13s so we won't bother with the park unless the weather dramatically improves.

This weekend we are at Swansea Uplands. The match will be played on the Fairwood Lane pitch, just off Gower Road. This is the pitch you pass on the way to the Uplands clubhouse and main pitches, which are all out of action due to re-developments. Ups send their apologies for no food after the match as the clubhouse is closed.

We will have two matches. The first kicking off at 10:45. Whole squad is invited, teams will be posted here later. If everyone meets at 10:30 we can have a quick warm up.