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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

The Matrix Returns

Great to see everyone get lots of game time for the first time on the big pitch last week. Now that we will be moving to just one game per weekend, we will move to the matrix system of picking match day squads of about 20. We think this is the right balance between having the subs we need on a big pitch and with hard knocks, and having enough meaningful time on the pitch for each player. The matrix will be chosen in advance for 4 games. With all players involved in at least 3 of them. We will let everyone know in advance, so you can book your Sunday lie in. Please be aware that working out these combinations never works perfectly (due to certain positions required and due to last minute changes), so we will try our best to even things out over the course of lots of games during the season, and not precisely every single week. We will review it after the first full round, to see if we need to have more players sharing certain positions, such as front row for example.

Training this Friday 5:00 at Underhill. Please be there prompt. It is hard to structure our session if everyone drifts in gradually.

Match this Sunday is Loughor away. Team for this (and the next 4 weekends) will be printed here asap.

15th Sept. Team vs Loughor. Meet 10:00 at Loughor RFC
Forwards: Myles, Harry, Owen, Tom R, Jack, Nathan, Ethan, Cam, Kieran, Karate Josh, Neil
Backs: Fin, Duncan, Luca, Lloyd, Luke, Sam, Dylan, Oli

22nd Sept. Team vs Dunvant Home
Forwards: Myles, Cai, Connor, Owen, Tom R, Nathan, Ethan, Cam, Kieran, Josh R, Karate Josh, Neil
Backs: Arthur, Duncan, Luca, Jacob, Ike, Lloyd, Tom H, TTS, Sam, Dylan

29th Sept. Team vs Pontardawe Home
Forwards: Myles, Cai, Connor, Harry, Tom R, Jack, Kieran, Josh R, Karate Josh, Neil
Backs: Arthur, Fin, Ike, Cam, Jacob,  Luke, Tom H, TTS, Sam, Oli

6th Oct. Team vsPontarddulais Away.
Forwards: Cai, Connor, Harry, Owen, Jack, Nathan, Ethan, Josh R
Backs: Arthur, Fin, Duncan, Luca, Jacob, Ike, Lloyd, Luke, Tom H, TTS, Dylan, Oli