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Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Kenfig Hill Visit

Training as usual at 5:00 on Fridays.

This Sunday we are welcoming Kenfig Hill to Underhill Park. We have not played before so it will be a good new experience for the boys and I am sure a tough challenge as is always the case when we venture outside the district to the Bridgend area.

We will be playing on the Junior Pitch, with a 10:15 meet and an 11:00 kick off. Team to be announced asap.

We have run through a full rotation of the Matrix. It has been reasonably successful. On the plus side, the boys on the day get lots of game time. On the negative side we have on occasion been left a little short on certain positions. We are going to try and remedy this in two ways: first by expanding the match day squad a bit. Probably to 21 or 22 players. This means we can deal with unexpected drop outs at the last minute, which is inevitable now we head into the coughs and colds season. This also means that boys will only miss a few Sundays across the season. The other way we can make sure we cover all positions is by getting the boys used to playing in more than one. This is not just to help the matrix, but also important for their long term development as players. We don't want to label players in fixed positions at such a young age, and even if players are clearly best suited to one role, they can gain a better understanding of rugby from the experience.