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Tuesday, 3 February 2015


Firstly i want to congratulate the boys on a well deserved victory against a strong dunvant outfit especially after a difficult start to the year in which the boys did themselves immensely proud despite not picking up the victories.

It was really pleasing to see the boys stand up to physically much bigger dunvant side and how they showed a lot of maturity to close the game out. As you are aware players at this age grow at different times and different speeds so playing against bigger and more physical sides will become more frequent. To combat this our skill level, fitness and tackling technique which we have been working on alot in training will become more and more important. These have all become greatly improved over the last few weeks which i believe made the difference on Sunday so keep up the good work troops.

Secondly, injuries. Touching on what i said previously with regards to games becoming more physical so will the bumps and bruises the boys will pick up. As a team its hugely important that we support guys who do pick up injuries and help them get back playing in any way we can. As someone who has had a lengthy lay off with injuries i know how much it means to have the support of my team mates, coaches and parents to help you get through what can be a difficult and frustrating time. Adding to that it was great to see Lloydy back out there on Sunday i know how tough it has been for him and he looked like he had never been away and im sure all his shoulder problems are behind him so keep up the good work. Mention also to Nathan (appendix) Duncan (Shoulder) and Ethan (Knee & Cheek) who we all wish speedy recovery's from their various injuries and we will hopefully see on the pitch sooner rather than later. We have a great team spirit so as a team lets all get behind them.

Uppa Wildcats