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Thursday, 19 March 2009

First Aid

Sunday: Training at Underhill 9:30.

Players of the week from Wednesday are: the whole of the Yellow Bib Team. Outstanding teamwork boys. And Ike for bravery in combat.

Even though it is only tag, we still pick up a few injuries with two sets of boys flying at each other. Parents are probably wondering what the first aid arrangements are. To start with all teams in the club must have nominated, and qualified, first aiders. Both Mike and Ian have up-to-date certificates. However we are well aware that a few courses are not necessarily great preparation for dealing with some situations. We therefore have a network of contacts throughout the age groups, including parents and coaches, who have medical backgrounds. So if there are more serious incidents on match days we should be able to contact them in addition to phoning for help. If any Wildcats parents are experienced first aiders, or have medical backgrounds it would be useful to let the coaching team know. We also have a first aid kit in the kit bag at all times, although most incidents are bumps and bruises rather than cuts.

Lastly, its expected that the boys will take a few knocks in the game, and they'll move into tackling practice in about 12 months. But they can minimise hurting themselves and other players by: keeping to the rules. Remember it is tag with no pushing, grabbing, barging, hand-offs. Listen for the whistle: stop playing as soon as the refereeing blows the whistle. No pile ups on the try line.

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