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Saturday, 7 March 2009

Sunday Washout

Worst case scenario this morning. 9:00 it was lovely. 20 mins later it is lashing down, to add to the rain of Friday and Sat. We didn't have time to warn on the blog so apologies to those who made it to the park in optimism. Although we could have played, we cancelled for two reasons. First - there were several games scheduled, including the older age groups who use a whole pitch. The senior pitch was completely out of action and these matches would have taken up all the drier areas, and we would have struggled to find a good spot. Second - there isn't much to be learnt playing tag rugby in a bog. The boys have a great introduction to rugby and there is no need to put them off in the wind and rain. So - weather permitting- training on Wednesday. At least we'll have the run of the park and should be able to find a firm surface.

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