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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Dunvant Match Report

As usual we were warmly welcomed by all at Dunvant, who once more posed a big challenge on the pitch for the WildCats. Our numbers were depleted due to some of the boys running in the 1k race on the prom.

We were lead by Jamie, who experienced his first time as "scrum half". Once more we proved a great team going forward with the ball in hand with tries coming from several players. It was noticeable when we were all concentrating and focused on the opposition how we were able to get 6 tags and cause a turnover. This has to be one of main areas for development, remaining "switched on" and eager to cause the ball to be turned over in our favour.

Although everyone had some great moments during the game, whether tagging, scoring, passing or running I would like to single out Ethan and Tom C for their contributions today. Ethan scored some great tries and general balanced running and Tom C for his tagging and some great runs.

Well done to all players today - good progress is being made!

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