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Sunday, 27 September 2009

Rugby on the centre stage

Some big news for the Wildcats. We have organised two half time tag appearances in the coming weeks. The first is at the Liberty Stadium on Sunday 4th October to play at half time of the Ospreys-Edinburgh match, and the second to play at half time at St Helens during the Swansea vs Neath fixture on Saturday October 17th. Both will be very short games, and are more about the occasion and atmosphere than the game itself.

We have taken teams to both these venues before and they have been tremendous fun. Games are 7 - a side and only 7 minutes long so we can only take teams of around 9 players at a time. The coaches have split the squad in the same way as we always do every week, ie to keep everyone involved and to keep an even balance of players in both sides. To help matters, because we have got in early in the season we have been told by both the Ospreys and Swansea that we will be able to do it again this season and therefore reverse the teams at the two venues. Those who play at St Helens this time will play at the Liberty next time and vice versa. We will pin these dates down as soon as we can. For St Helens, free tickets will be provided for all players and 1 parent per player. For the Liberty, the boys go in free but parents will have to buy all their tickets (at £16).

These are great opportunities for the boys to show off their developing skills! We play Morriston at the Liberty, and who else but Skewen for the Neath-Swansea derby. Please don't be surprised by the late notice, it's all been organised this weekend, and it is more time to plan than we had last year!

Teams are as follows. If you are included in the first match, but are unable to play, please let us know asap. Further details will follow when we know the full arrangements. Any question we can deal with them at training on Wednesday.

SUNDAY 4th October
Mumbles vs Morriston
Meet outside Liberty Stadium at 3:00. Ospreys KO at 4:00, half time tag at 4:45.
Tom R

SATURDAY 17th October
Mumbles vs Skewen
Park at the rec, meet at Mumbles end of the St Helens at 2:00. Swansea KO at 2:30, half time tag at 3:15.
Tom Ch

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