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Saturday, 21 November 2009

Wednesday Training and Half-Term Reports

With all the rain, we are lucky to have Astroturf so the boys get a bit of rugby at this time of year. Usual time (4:30) and place (Ashleigh Road) this Wednesday (25th) where we will also present the team with their new jerseys. We will have a short training session 4:30 to about 5:10. Then a half term coaching report for all the players., followed by the presentation. It would be great if all players could attend training on Wednesday.

Now is a good time to highlight the support we've had from team sponsors, Fit Kitchens and Charlie's Bar Restaurant. We consider it very important that our annual membership costs are kept reasonable, so it is only with the support of generous sponsors that we can offer extras such as Astroturf, and are able to kit the boys out so they look very smart on match day. Many thanks to Jon for organising this.

P.S. Those boys growing out of the old jerseys - can you please bring them on Wednesday and hand them back in to me. They will be used by the u7s this year and also then passed down to the u6s at the end of the year. It is very useful for the younger age groups to have a kit ready for them when they start up.

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