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Sunday, 28 March 2010

Gorseinon Report

First up - thanks very much to all the parents for getting into the swing of teamer so quickly. I hope everyone saw the benefits this morning, with full matches for everyone (and less travelling). We probably won't split the squad again this year. But it will be a fixture next season.

Matthew's Bont report is below. I can echo his sentiments. With no subs, everyone had to put in the effort and we are very pleased that the whole squad is developing so well. While Matt's team took to the road, the rest of the Wildcats welcomed Gorseinon at Bishopston. A relatively new team, Gorseinon were nevertheless a very good side, with some exceptionally quick lads. Mumbles responded through some excellent teamwork. The gameplan was to run straight and look for quick passes to the wingers in space. This was executed perfectly by scrum halves Jamie and Myles, and by Connor and Eddie as first receiver. The chief beneficiary was Sam who tormented the red defence and ran in 8 tries! Owen chipped in with a couple and organised the tagging for the day. Viking Mats made a welcome return to Wildcats for the morning. It was no surprise to his old teammates that he was outstanding in the tag and ran in two tries. The match was entertaining at both ends, and we thank Rob and Matthew for bringing the team at short notice. Definitely a fixture to look forward to next season.

On a final note, it was great to see Arthur make a return to action. After a very nasty month of post-viral illness he looks like he needs some big hot dinners, but managed to last the game and even nipped over for a couple of tries. Thanks to everyone for asking after him over the last few weeks.