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Wednesday, 24 March 2010


You should shortly be receiving an invite to join the Wildcats "Teamer" site. This is a team organisation website that is very useful for notifications, last minute cancellations and for organising the squad next year when we might split into 2 teams more often. For each event, you can either 'accept' or 'decline' depending on your availability (via text, or by logging on). So that we, as coaches, know the number of players to expect. Replying to teamer by txt costs the usual txt amount. Replying by logging on to the site is free.

Please log on when you receive your invitation, and make sure your contact details are correct. The site is also useful for contacting each other to arrange lifts etc. as all our numbers / emails will be displayed (to Wildcats members only). The Blog will continue as usual and should be the first stop for updates and match reports. Teamer is useful as txts can automatically be sent to the relevant players, and is totally free.