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Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Liberty Stadium - tag rugby CONFIRMED

We have a team for Friday, and have organised the supporters tickets. If anyone else is coming please let me know now. We have a few spare supporter tickets left, £10 for adults. When they are taken you can still buy on the day - but probably at full price. All the boys should bring kit, just in case, but priority will go to those who haven't played at Liberty before.

Half time Tag Rugby at Liberty Stadium. Friday 7th May.

I have sent a teamer txt to everyone. If you can come, and you accept the teamer invite, I will assume you want 1 adult and 1 child ticket (£10 + £1). If you want different numbers of tickets, please let me know, before Tuesday, by email ( or text (07846 334962).

Please note that the team will be picked initially from those who did not play last time. These are: Cam, Duncan, Jamie, Connor, Luke, Josh B, Josh R.

As it is such a short game, we can't promise game time for the rest. But everyone else is welcome to come as a supporter and cheer the boys along. Those who have been before will know that this game is much more about the atmosphere, the hotdogs and the shouting, rather than the tag-game, which seems to be over as soon as it starts! But it is all a great experience and something that only happens in the tag years.

Plan is to all meet at 6:00 outside the Liberty Stadium (by the Ticket Office). We will then pick up the tickets for the group and have some photos. The Ospreys vs Dragons match kicks off at 7.05. We will run on for the tag match as soon as the whistle goes for half time, about 7:45. For anyone organising tickets separately, our boys will play in front of the North East Corner (same as last time).